Wavecor Introduces Three New High-End Drivers Covering All Frequency Ranges

October 26 2020, 01:05
Renowned high-end OEM manufacturer Wavecor continues to keep a focus on creativity and announced the results of its latest development efforts with three new drivers, all now in stock and ready for sampling. The new transducers comprise the WF275BD01 (4 ohm) and WF275BD02 (8 ohm) 10" mid/woofers in die cast frame, the TW022WA07/09 and TW022WA08/10 high-end tweeters, and the FR070WA05 70 mm aluminum-cone full-range driver with extended bass response.

Even with the disruptions in the global market caused by the pandemic, manufacturers continue to invest in new developments and are announcing new designs. With the home audio and high-end category showing signs of growth while people spend more time in their homes, the three new major new Wavecor drivers, all with innovative features, are certain to attract a lot of attention from both manufacturers and DIY speaker-building enthusiasts.

New WF275BD01/02 Midrange Drivers
First in the new range comes the 10.75" WF275BD01 (4 ohm) and WF275BD02 (8 ohm) transducers, designed by Wavecor as high performance bass/midrange units for monitors and high-end hi-fi applications. The 10" mid/woofers are built with die cast frames and are usable even for 2-way speakers, offering extended bass performance and overall dynamic and detailed reproduction. As Wavecor details, the design is ideal for multi-way loudspeakers, offering builders the rare opportunity of working with 10" 2-way solutions if paired with a suitable tweeter, like for instance some of the Wavecor 30 mm units.

The new WF275BD01/02 drivers are paper/fiber-cone units, fitted in a very rigid die cast frame, with the brand's own Balanced Drive motor structure, plus all the performance enhancing features we have come to expect from Wavecor. A true master for larger 2- and multi-way monitors, the new WF275BD01/02 drivers leverage the FEA-optimized Balanced Drive motor structure for optimal drive force symmetry resulting in largely reduced even order harmonic distortion.

The woofer design also features a copper cap on center pole to reduce voice coil inductance and to minimize variations in voice coil inductance as a function of voice coil position, while a new paper/glass fiber mix cone offers improved consistency and stability. The rigid die cast aluminum chassis features extensive venting for lower air flow speed, reducing audible distortion, reinforced with a vented voice coil former and vented center pole with dual flares for reduced noise level and compression at large cone excursions. The heavy-duty black fiberglass voice coil former reduces mechanical losses, resulting in better dynamic performance and low-level details.

The large motor with 39 mm voice coil in the WF275BD01/02 woofers, is complemented with a built-in field-stabilizing ring for reduced distortion at high levels, while black-plating contributes to better heat transfer. A low-loss suspension (high Qm) supports better reproduction of details and dynamics, with a Conex spider for durability under extreme conditions. The design is connected by gold plated terminals.

New TW022WA07/09 and TW022WA08/10 Tweeters
And to reinforce its high-frequency category, Wavecor announced a new series of 22 mm chambered neodymium tweeters with increased sensitivity. The new TW022WA07/09 and TW022WA08/10 are true high-end tweeters designed for the most demanding applications, featuring an array of performance-improving details that contribute to obtaining low resonance frequency, low distortion and very high frequency extension.

These new textile tweeters improve on what can be obtained from a typical 22 mm tweeter in terms of sensitivity, low- and high frequency extension, and in perceived detail and clarity, beating most 1" and 3/4" tweeters in the market, as Wavecor states. The precision textile dome ensures this extended response and consistency, while the 22 mm voice coil design offers higher power handling and low resonance frequency, with a copper foil claded center pole and vented former yielding very low voice coil inductance. These improvements are enabled by the copper-clad aluminum voice coil wire that offers lower moving mass, combined with built-in cavities under the dome/edge to equalize pressure. Finally, flexible lead wires connect to gold plated terminals. The tweeters are delivered with foam gasket attached for hassle-free mounting and secure cabinet sealing.

Improved FR070WA05 Full-Range
The Wavecor catalog is also expanded with the new FR070WA05 70 mm full-range driver (4 ohm) with extended bass response. This new beefed up sibling of Wavecor's existing FR070 full-range family received an increased voice coil diameter and increased linear travel and suspension travel. The result, Wavecor explains, is "lower resonance and almost real bass in a very small package."

The new aluminum cone design is recommended for small systems, where frequency range, neutrality, and low distortion are the highest priorities. According to Wavecor, the new compact full-range is also suitable for high definition line source designs, with or without subwoofer assistance. The usable frequency response range is specified from 100 Hz to 20kHz.

A dual neodymium magnet structure allows for high efficiency and almost ideal magnetically shielding, with a black anodized aluminum cone contributing to better heat transfer, combined with a copper cap on center pole to reduce voice coil inductance. The vented polymer chassis and vented 26 mm voice coil former enables lower air flow speed reducing audible distortion, using a heavy-duty black fiber glass voice coil bobbin to reduce mechanical losses, overall enabling better dynamic performance and low-level details. The all-black motor parts are complemented with a Conex meta-aramid spider and gold plated terminals.
This the frequency response of the new Wavecor FR070WA05 full-range driver, measured in an open baffle at 1 meter.
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