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audioXpress has been serving up the best in DIY, electronics and Innovations in audio since 2001! audioXpress combined editorial from former titles Audio Electronics, Multimedia Manufacturer, Speaker Builder, Glass Audio and other original The Audio Amateur titles, published since 1970. 
With an increased focus on audio product development and design, audio electronicsacoustics, and electro-acoustics, audioXpress is continously expanding its coverage and content to better serve audio developers, designers, engineers and DIY enthusiasts worldwide. Contributions from industry luminaries include:
  • Vance Dickason, author of the Loudspeaker Design Cookbook, and engineering consultant for over 40 years
  • Dr. Richard Honeycutt, acoustics consultant and entrepreneur with a PhD in electroacoustics
  • Mike Klasco, president of Menlo Scientific and Engineering consultant for many leading companies
  • Michael Steffes, Expert in High Speed Signal Path IC and audio electronics development with more than three decades in design roles with Burr-Brown, Texas Instruments, and other IC vendors.
  • Stuart Yaniger, designer and builder of audio equipment for nearly half a century, currently works as a technical director for a large industrial company.
  • Jan Didden, a retired Netherlands Air Force and NATO engineer, Linear Audio bookzine editor ( and contributor for audioXpress since the 1970s.

Regular Contributors: Bill Christie, Dennis Colin, Joseph D’Appolito, Gary Galo, Chuck Hansen, Charlie Hughes, G. R. Koonce, Ward Maas, Nelson Pass, Bill Reeve, Ken Bird, Bruce Brown, Scott Dorsey, George Ntanavaras, Dimitri Danyuk, Tom Perazella, Christopher Paul, Ethan Winer, and many, many others

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