Lavoce Introduces New Midrange Drivers, Served Three Ways

March 28 2019, 00:45
Lavoce Italiana will be distributing its latest 2019 Product Catalog and introducing several exciting new drivers for professional audio applications during Prolight+Sound 2019. The company will introduce three new high performance 6.5”, 8” and 10” ferrite magnet midrange units at the Frankfurt show, designed for three-way products, including cost-effective line arrays. VC

The new MAF061.50 is a 6.5” midrange rated at 120W AES power handling and 97dB sensitivity, using a 1.5” edgewound copper clad aluminum voice coil, aluminum demodulating ring to reduce harmonic and intermodulation distortion, featuring a triple roll surround and an aluminum basket.

Next in line, the MAF082.00 is an 8” midrange rated at 200W AES power handling and 98.5dB sensitivity, using a 2” copper voice coil, copper ring for extended frequency response, a triple roll surround, and an octagonal basket shape to ensure close coupling in multiple unit applications.

Finally, the MAF103.00 is a 10” midrange rated at 350W AES power handling and high 99dB sensitivity, using a 3” copper voice coil for high power output.

In addition to their individual features, all three units use heavy duty aluminum baskets and have FEM optimized motors, suspensions and cooling systems for low distortion and linear frequency responses, to produce clean, defined mid-band performances every time.

"These new midrange units add another important dimension to our ever-growing product range, giving our manufacturer and distributor partners some really interesting solutions for demanding three-way applications," explains Kevin Shove, Lavoce International Sales Director.
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