New Low Frequency Drivers From Lavoce for Prolight+Sound 2018

April 4 2018, 02:00
Lavoce Italiana continues to unveil the new drivers that it will be launching at Prolight+Sound 2018 (Frankfurt, April 10-13). The transducer company will be showing the new MAN062.00 high-power 6.5” neodymium midrange; a new 12" model, the WAF123.02 with a ferrite magnet purposely designed for mid-band applications; and the new and powerful 21” subwoofer, the SAF214.50, able to offer super high excursion using a 4.5” CCAW sandwiched voice coil and a ferrite motor.

The new Lavoce MAN062.00 is a high-power neodymium magnet 6.5” midrange with a high temperature 2” CCAW voice coil and offers an impressive 250W AES power rating and 95dB sensitivity. Designed for premium three-way applications or horn loading in complex line arrays, the MAN062.00 has been carefully optimized with FEM to have a smooth frequency response and perform in the most demanding applications.

The WAF123.02 is a ferrite magnet 12” driver, designed for high mid-band output in two or three-way applications. Using a high temperature 3” CCAW sandwich voice coil it has a 500W AES power rating and 99dB sensitivity, and with the addition of an aluminum demodulating ring to reduce inductance and lower distortion in the critical mid-band, the WAF123.02 is an excellent choice when planning a high SPL design.

The SAF214.50 is a new high power 21” subwoofer, using a 4.5” CCAW sandwich voice coil, a ferrite motor structure with optimized cooling including an aluminum demodulating ring. Offering super high excursion, a power rating of 1700W AES and 98dB sensitivity, the SAF214.50 has been elegantly designed to be suitable for a variety of subwoofer applications.  

Lavoce Italiana designs and manufactures industry leading HF and LF transducers for global professional audio and MI manufacturers and distributors. Its R&D center is based in Rome and all products are manufactured at their wholly owned state of art Lavoce factory in Jiashan, China.
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