Texas Instruments Introduces New TAS2555 Smart Amp with Integrated Speaker Protection

December 8 2015, 03:00

Texas Instruments (TI) introduced a low-power smart amplifier that allows designers to develop next-generation smartphones, tablets, portable audio docks or Bluetooth speakers with industry-leading audio quality at peak volumes while maximizing battery efficiency. The TAS2555 audio amplifier with integrated speaker protection uses back electromotive force and low power of 5.7 W to produce bigger sound from small devices.

TI is the first in the industry to provide both integrated and nonintegrated smart amplifiers, providing a broad range of design options for big sound from small devices. The TAS2555 is a state-of-the-art Class-D audio amplifier which is a full system on a Chip (SoC) providing 5.7-W output power into 4 Ω and 3.8 W into 8 Ω at 4.2 V. The device features a ultra low-noise audio DAC and Class-D power amplifier which incorporates speaker voltage and current sensing feedback. An on-chip, low-latency DSP supports Texas Instruments SmartAmp speaker protection algorithms to maximizes loudness while maintaining safe speaker conditions.

The device can be used easily with any processor with an I2S output and stereo implementations are possible when using two TAS2555 devices. Separate tuning for different speakers is supported allowing to add value while maintaining form factor designs. Additionally, the TAS2555 supports separate voice and audio tuning dynamically with ultra-low 15.9 µV ICN regardless of mode of operation making receiver/speaker implementations possible.

A Class-H boost converter generates the Class-D amplifier supply rail. When the audio signal only requires a lower Class-D output power, the boost improves system efficiency by deactivating and connecting VBAT directly to the Class-D amplifier supply. When higher audio output power is required, the multi-level boost quickly activates tracking the signal to provide the additional voltage to the load.

The TAS2555 is also the first low-power amplifier supported by the PurePath Console 3 software suite, which gives both advanced and beginner designers a path to meet diverse system requirements. The solution takes the guesswork out of speaker characterization and includes easy-to-use tools for tuning and integration into end products, thus accelerating time to market for smartphones, tablets and other audio-enabled portable electronics.
TI offers a range of intuitive design tools for the TAS2555 smart amplifier to speed time to market and simplify evaluation. Along with the PurePath Console 3 software suite, TI offers a comprehensive evaluation module (EVM) and a learning board tool for speaker evaluation. The TAS2555YZEVM evaluation module provides a small reference board for complete evaluation of the TAS2555 Audio Amplifier, complete with a reference speaker. The board provides an USB connection and is controlled by the PurePath Console 3 (PPC3) software suite. Connecting two EVMs together quickly provides a stereo solution.

The EVM also includes a connection to the Smart Amplifier Learning Board v2 where additional speakers can be characterized for specific applications while using the advanced features of PPC3.

The TAS2555 smart amplifier is available in a 3.47-mm-by-3.23-mm, 42-ball wafer-level chip-scale package (WCSP) and is priced at US$2.50 in 1,000-unit quantities. The TAS2555YZEVM is available for US$149 from the TI store.
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