ON Semiconductor to Demonstrate Advanced Audio Processing at CES 2020

December 18 2019, 00:35
ON Semiconductor will showcase a wide range of innovative technologies for smart home, connected buildings and personal connected devices at CES 2020. Powering portable voice-controlled applications will be the latest LC823455 ultra-low-power audio processor, supporting high-resolution audio processing. This highly integrated SoC, featuring an Arm Cortex−M3 Dual Core CPU and proprietary 32-bit DSP Core (LPDSP32) wit support for high−resolution 32−bit/192kHz audio.

The rise of voice control and Voice User Interfaces (VUI) has made audio processing critical to the success of a wide range of building automation and household applications. ON Semiconductor will feature two demonstrations using its LC823455 Dual CPU processor with DSP, which provides key features for portable sound solutions and support for VUI. A Strata-enabled stereo speaker capable of streaming music over Bluetooth will show various advanced audio functionalities including touch sensor-based volume control and voice commands. The LC823455 will also be featured in a cloud-based VUI demonstration for communication with IoT edge-nodes applications.

The LC823455 is an audio processing System−on−Chip (SoC) for recording and playback, with high−resolution 32−bit/192kHz audio processing capability. This one-chip solution provides all the key required functions for portable audio applications, including 4316 KB of internal SRAM to support the implementation of large-scale programs for WLAN applications, and multiple interfaces to extensively increase its connectivity. It features an extensive range of functions including support for AAC codecs and Active Noise Cancelling DSP, UART, ASRC and a rich set of analog functions − all applicable for wearable audio applications. Several DSP codes are available with no additional fee such as noise cancelling, echo cancelling and so forth. Hard wired audio functions include ASRC (Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter), hardware mixer, and 6-band equalizer.

This highly integrated implementation results in a miniature footprint with ultra−low power consumption, which, along with its high performance, makes the LC823455 also suitable for wireless earbuds, wearables, wireless speakers and smart home appliances with voice interfaces.

During CES 2020, ON Semiconductor will also demonstrated solutions for connected lighting, Zigbee GreenPower energy harvesting, Bluetooth Low Energy mesh networking, and vision systems, including a high-performance 4K sensor with 4 times on-chip High Dynamic Range (HDR) exposure.
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