New 15” High Performance LF Ferrite Driver from LaVoce

December 16 2015, 03:00

LaVoce continues to extend its product catalog now introducing a new 15” high-performance low-frequency ferrite driver WAF154.00, entirely designed in Italy with Finite Elements Modeling and Analysis methods. Featuring 1,500 W AES power handling and high mechanical excursion, the transducer delivers 97 dB Sensitivity with really limited harmonic distortion.

According to LaVoce, the new WAF154.00 was designed to respond to the needs of very high efficiency and linearity design applications with high power handling. The company recommends it especially for subwoofer projects in multichannel systems.

The WAF154.00 15” subwoofer is built with a ferrite magnet aluminum basket which, in combination with its cone profile and surround treatment design, offers a very linear frequency response. The optimized ferrite motor produces a strong and symmetrical flux density in the gap, enabling high sound pressure level (SPL) value, with expanded dynamics and very low distortion.

The new FEM optimized ferrite motor and suspensions combines with a water proof treated paper cone and glass fiber former material with polycotton surround, featuring a 4" inside-outside copper voice coil with optimized cooling system and demodulating ring. The new woofer is rated to achieve 3,000 W program power handling with 97 dB/SPL sensitivity.

Founded in 2008, Lavoce Italiana designs its loudspeakers in Rome, Italy, with production located both in Italy and its own facility in Jiashan, China, 100 km from Shanghai City. The company is owned by Elettromedia, srl, an Italian aftermarket manufacturer of Automotive Audio and Multimedia products with more than 20 years of experience, and ISO 9001 certified since 1998.

Since its foundation Lavoce Italiana has combined the parent companies’ design and testing know-how and manufacturing experiences, also developing and producing OEM\ODM loudspeakers for the Professional Audio market. In addition to customized OEM/ODM solutions, LaVoce markets a complete line of neodymium and ferrite woofers, compression drivers, and soft dome tweeters.

The new WAF154.00 LF driver is available now and ready to be integrated in the most challenging electro-acoustic projects and LaVoce is ready to supply sample requests.

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