LaVoce Upgrades High Frequency Compression Drivers with new 1-inch Ferrite and Neodymium Models

December 30 2015, 04:00

LaVoce has officially upgraded its range of the 25 mm (1”) exit high frequency drivers, by releasing two new 44 mm (1.7”) voice coil units. The ferrite component DF10.17 and the DN10.17, with its compact Neodymium motor, are entirely designed with Finite Elements Modeling and Analysis and feature an high temperature polymeric diaphragm with vented surround, together with an optimized phase plug design for a linear, smooth and extended frequency response with extremely low distortion and high efficiency.

The new DF10.17 is a state-of-art 1” ceramic compression driver, fully designed with F.E.M. optimized motor, phaseplug and diaphragm, for a linear, smooth and extended response with low distortion and high efficiency. It features an edgewound flat copper clad aluminium ( CCA) wire voice coil with demodulation ring, reinforced kapton former and ferrite magnet. It is rated for 120 W program power handling (60 W AES) with 108 dB SPL 1W/ 1m sensitivity and an optimized 1200 to 18000 Hz frequency range response.

The DN10.17 compact 1” neodymium version features a very similar construction and is rated for 100 W program power handling (50 W AES) with 110 dB SPL 1W/ 1m sensitivity, responding from 1200 to 18000 Hz.

The new DN10.17 and DF10.17 drivers are now available, for challenging electro-acoustic applications. Compact, flexible to interface and easy to crossover, the new LaVoce DN/DF10.17 are suitable for a wide range applications, like 2-way and multi-way systems, compact line arrays and other high performance sound reinforcement systems.
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