Lavoce Expands Next-Generation 1” Exit Compression Drivers with Three Lightweight Neodymium Magnet Designs

February 20 2020, 01:10
Lavoce Italiana, the Italian transducer OEM and one of the fastest-growing driver manufacturers in the pro audio industry, announced three new “Next-Generation” neodymium magnet 1” exit compression drivers. Presented for the first time at NAMM 2020, following the success of the ferrite models released last year, Lavoce confirmed availability of the new products at the recent ISE 2020 show in Amsterdam, where the company exhibited for the first time.

The three new neodymium motor compression drivers - DN10.142, the DN10.172M, and the DN10.172K - all offer compact and lightweight solutions for system designers who are looking for low distortion, no-compromise acoustic performance to 20 kHz and that critical price-performance ratio, which is so important to in today’s competitive pro audio market.

The DN10.142 is a 50 W AES neodymium magnet 1” exit compression driver with a 1.4” voice coil, 107 dB sensitivity, a high-temperature polymer diaphragm and surround. It also has a useful 60 mm diameter, making it perfect for high performance compact two-way systems and line arrays.

The two 1.75” voice coil neodymium designs “Next Generation” models recently released include the DN10.172M using a vented Polyester diaphragm and surround, rated at 50 W AES, 109 dB sensitivity; and the DN10.172K using a vented Polyimide diaphragm and surround, rated at 55W AES, 110 dB sensitivity. Both have an 85 mm diameter and suiting premium performance two- or three-way systems or line arrays.

The introduction of these Next Generation neodymium compression drivers, follows the success of the 1” and 1.4” exit ferrite models released in 2019, the year Lavoce implemented its most important catalog expansion ever, including also new high performance 6.5”, 8” and 10” ferrite magnet midrange drivers, and new range of large voice coil, high power handling, 18” and 21” subwoofers, among other new products.

"In addition to many new and elegant LF products, our next generation HF products not only offer the best price/performance ratio available, but also push the boundaries of traditional acoustic designs to provide innovative solutions for our customers," states Kevin Shove, Lavoce International Sales Director. 
The Lavoce team at NAMM 2020 (left to right): Tom James, Business Development Manager (Americas), Pierpaolo De Minicis, Pro Audio Division Manager, and Kevin Shove, International Sales Director
Lavoce's R&D center in Rome and the company's own factory in Jiashan, China continue to generate products with improved designs and high levels of consistency. The company's patented Integral Input Surface phase plug technology is a simple solution to address misalignment imperfections typically found in traditional compression driver phase plug assemblies, which can cause severe degradation of sound quality and significant variations of phase plug performance. Together with its improved assembly topology, production batches are fully compliant to performance requirements, resulting in more consistent and accurate devices, at no extra cost.
The Lavoce booth at ISE 2020 in Amsterdam.
"It is such an exciting time for Lavoce right now following the research and engineering investments we have made in compression drivers over the last few years. Together with our comprehensive range of steel and die-cast basket LF woofers, midranges and subwoofers, we now also have a truly excellent compression driver line-up to meet the demands of every application and need of our customers," Shove adds.
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