Lavoce Introduces Next Generation 1” and 1.4” Exit Compression Drivers at The NAMM Show 2019

January 21 2019, 02:55
Lavoce Italiana announced the first model from their next generation of 1” exit compression drivers, DF10.142LK, and a new 1.4” exit design using a 4” voice coil and a composite diaphragm and surround, model DN14.40TM. The Roma-based transducer company designs and manufactures HF and LF transducers for global professional audio and MI manufacturers and distributors will be showing the new solutions at NAMM 2019 together with its latest neodymium and ferrite high-power low frequency drivers.

The mew DF10.142LK is a ferrite magnet 1” exit 35W AES compression driver with a 1.4” voice coil, and is the first in a completely new range of 1” exit compression drivers which, according to the company, have been highly optimized for production consistency, performance and price. The DF10.142LK delivers a very linear frequency curve from 1.5kHz to 20kHz, uses a copper-clad aluminum voice coil and a one-piece Polyimide diaphragm and surround for higher thermal capability and power handling, making it the perfect choice for projects that require premium performance with a cost-effective edge.  

The larger DN14.40TM is a neodymium magnet 1.4” exit 130W AES compression driver with a 4” edgewound voice coil, designed for high power applications where a lower crossover point would be beneficial. Utilizing Lavoce’s patented ‘Integral Input Surface’ phase plug topology helps to ensure consistency in its production and deliver its linear frequency trend to 20kHz. These features, plus using a composite Titanium diaphragm and Polyester surround makes the DN14.40T "an exciting proposition for all designers of premium audio systems," the company states. 
"These next generation HF products really show the strength of our engineering capability; to not only make products that offer the best price/performance ratio available, but also push the boundaries of traditional acoustic designs to provide innovative solutions for our customers," adds Kevin Shove, International Sales Director.

Lavoce will be showing these new compression drivers and many other new products from its always growing catalog at the NAMM Show 2019 on its booth #14723, located at ACC North Hall.
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