Tidal and Dolby Announce Dolby Atmos Music Available on Smartphones and Tablets

December 13 2019, 00:10
Tidal members subscribing to the Tidal HiFi tier, with compatible Android smartphones or tablets, now have access to a growing library of music available in Dolby Atmos from Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group. This currently includes tracks from some of the world’s biggest artists such as Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, Blondie, and more. Tidal is also working closely with its artist-owners, including Jay-Z, to mix their catalogs in Dolby Atmos – which are expected to become available in 2020.

"Streaming platform Tidal and Dolby Laboratories are introducing a more emotional and authentic way to enjoy the songs you love with Dolby Atmos Music now available on Tidal HiFi," says the announcement. "Tidal members have come to expect the highest quality listening experience from our platform, and it is a priority for us to stay at the forefront of innovation,” says Lior Tibon, Chief Operating Officer, Tidal. “Dolby Atmos will give music fans the ability to enjoy the best possible audio quality.”

“Dolby Atmos is redefining how music is created, allowing artists and fans to experience it like never before,” says John Couling, Senior Vice President, Commercial Partnerships, Dolby Laboratories. “Together with Tidal, we are expanding the reach of Dolby Atmos Music by enabling a more immersive way for people around the world to enjoy their favorite songs and albums.”

To enjoy Dolby Atmos Music, Tidal will automatically default to this experience if a Dolby Atmos mix is available. Tracks will be identified by a “Dolby logo” visual badge as well as through a “Dolby Atmos” identifier that will display once a song is selected. Users can also click on the “Dolby Atmos” menu option under the “Explore” tab on the Tidal app’s homepage to explore the library of tracks available in Dolby Atmos. Dolby Atmos is now available to Tidal members subscribing to the HiFi tier, which already features HiFi and Master quality audio.
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