Studio Six Digital Discounts AudioTools App, Test Microphones and Interfaces

May 4 2020, 01:10
Studio Six Digital, designers of the popular AudioTools test and measurement system for the Apple iOS operating system, has discounted the AudioTools app by 50%, and the full suite of in-app upgrades by 30%. Now, they are also offering reduced pricing on all of their iOS and USB test & measurement microphones and audio interfaces to accommodate work-from-home technicians who have been displaced from their labs during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Studio Six Digital creates advanced audio test and measurement solutions that are excellent for anyone who does occasional work, carries his own measurement kit to help setup sound systems or just needs an affordable way to do some measurements in his own system.

As audioXpress reported previously, this is a unique opportunity to buy the AudioTools app, one of the best available software solutions for anyone who needs a comprehensive audio and acoustics test and measurement platform in a mobile device such as Apple's iPhones and iPads. 

AudioTools is a suite of leading audio test applications that includes tools like RTA, FFT, SPL Meter, Speaker Polarity, and Signal Generator in the basic package, and has options to add more powerful and comprehensive functions like Smaart Spectrum, Transfer Function, SPL Logging, and much more. 

AudioTools also includes the powerful and accurate impulse-response based LARSA (Loudspeaker And Room System Analyzer).  Using a quick 0.5s or 1.5s sweep, LARSA instantly computes and displays a windowed frequency response, ETC, Impulse Response, and shows a 3D waterfall plot of remove decay. LARSA can be particularly useful to optimize loudspeaker EQ and delay.

To complement the available AudioTools modules, users will need a proper hardware interface for iPhone and iPad devices. In its website, Studio Six offers a complete range of solutions, including the iAudioInterface2 with a phantom powered mic input, balanced line input and output, digital audio output, internal battery, and iOS device charging possibility. 

Built to run on iPhone and iPad, Studio Six Digital also offers a range of calibrated, professional-grade microphones and integrated audio interfaces, from the universal USB microphone uTestMic to the Class One capable iPrecisionMic, all of which are available now with discounts.

Make sure to check iTestMic2, the dual-gain range mic preamp, A/D converter, D/A converter and USB digital audio interface all contained within the Type 2-class test and measurement microphone itself. This allows the system to bypass any filtering and compression that might be in use, and also to store calibration values that are read by software. iTestMic2 meets ANSI / ISO Type 2 specifications for frequency response, linearity, and directional characteristics.

The AudioTools app and in-app modules are available directly from the Apple App Store. Since Studio Six Digital is distributed in many countries through a network of partners, audioXpress and Voice Coil readers interested in getting any of the microphones and interfaces for test and measurement should send an email to to get discount codes.
Discounts can range from $35 to $135 off.
For country/region information check the Distribution list here.

With the promoted special price reductions in AudioTools, there was never a better time to check what is possible and what is available. Get familiar with these tools, learn how to use the available modules, configure a setup and get ready for more work, once things clear up again.

For more information you can send an email to general support or proaudio.
But first check the website at
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