Studio Six Digital Announces 50% Discount on AudioTools and 33% Reductions on Module Upgrades

March 23 2020, 00:40
For all the audio professionals that are confined to working from home or working on a limited basis, Studio Six Digital has announced that it is cutting the price of its AudioTools app in half, and reducing the in-app Full Module upgrades by 1/3. To see the special pricing, which will depend on what users have already purchased, you just have to open AudioTools and go to the Support & Upgrades menu, AudioTools Store. Then click on the Check Upgrade Cost button.

Studio Six Digital creates advanced audio test and measurement systems based on the iOS platform. Check this audioXpress article. The company's AudioTools app is one of the best available software solutions for anyone who needs a comprehensive audio and acoustics test and measurement platform in a mobile device such as Apple's iPhones and iPads. While dedicated T&M products from the specialized brands are still the preferred option for companies and professionals who do regular work that requires certification, the Studio Six Digital family of solutions is excellent for anyone who does occasional work, carries his own measurement kit to help setup sound systems or just needs an affordable way to do some measurements in his own system.

With AudioTools, users can perform quick ad hoc measurements using only an iPhone, where they can plug a Type 1 calibrated measurement microphone and/or one of the company's audio interfaces to an iPad, and get a full-featured professional test & measurement platform that meets ANSI and ISO specifications, with the best possible visualization screen. The AudioTools different modules are designed to explore the screen real estate of iPhones and iPad, in vertical or horizontal mode. In fact, AudioTools takes full advantage of everything that an Apple iOS device offers, including improved color retina graphics, touch display, GPS system, WiFi and cellular data network, and device interchangeability in a consistent hardware platform with the best possible audio support.

This has been proven over the years, as the AudioTools family of products evolved to become the most cost effective test and measurement mobile platform globally, offering a large variety of powerful, comprehensive tests. Also because the apps are easy and intuitive to operate, they allow exporting data automatically, they meet ANSI and ISO Type 1 and Class 1 requirements (with suitable audio hardware) and offer a rich set of tools and utilities developed over many years to provide features for every application.

When downloading the AudioTools app, users are able to choose between buying the Full App with all the available modules, or pick and choose the modules according to their needs. There are packages useful for AV consultants, audio engineers working in live sound, recording engineers, acousticians, home theater installers, and even music enthusiasts who want to improve their listening rooms.

Depending on the apps chosen, AudioTools can even be used for speaker polarity testing, room reverberation tests, equipment testing and to setup any type of sound system, from sound reinforcement arrays to hifi systems. The Room Treatment module, in particular, is a convenient and easy-to-use tool for measuring the RT60 decay times of a room, and for trying out various materials virtually, to see their potential effects on the RT60 time of the room.

The Speaker Test modules, apart from determining speaker polarity by analyzing a proprietary signal, can be used to measure woofers, midrange, and tweeter drivers with its built-in test signals. The modules include a Delay Finder to measure the time delay from a speaker, measure distortion, and even measure impedance and generate an impedance plot to see the driver resonance and impedance as a function of frequency. There are also two STIPA modules to evaluate speech intelligibility meeting all requirements of the international STIPA standard. The STIPA Pro option includes advanced features and speech intelligibility tests based on v4 of the international standard and complies with all current fire and building codes.

For pro audio users who work in live sound, AudioTools also includes a Smaart Tools single channel module developed by Studio Six Digital in collaboration with Rational Acoustics, and already used by many sound engineers.

To complement the available AudioTools modules, users will need a proper hardware interface for iPhone and iPad devices. In its website, Studio Six offers a complete range of solutions, including the iAudioInterface2 with a phantom powered mic input, balanced line input and output, digital audio output, internal battery, and iOS device charging possibility, as well as the iTestMic measurement microphone.

With the promoted special price reductions in AudioTools, there was never a better time to check what is possible and what is available. Get familiar with these tools, learn how to use the available modules, configure a setup and get ready for more work, once things clear up again.

For more information you can send an email to general support or proaudio.
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