iSEMcon Acoustic new iSEMic Measurement Microphone Now Available

May 28 2015, 04:00
As audioXpress anticipated, iSEMcon Acoustic designed its new iSEMic 725TR Microphone series and accessories for general SPL testing and recording up to 125 dB signals directly from mobile devices. The first member in the iSEMic family is a 1/4” (7 mm) diameter device, 3,7” (94 mm) in length, manufactured from a stainless steel housing, with built-in electronics and gold plated connectors. Operating on a supply voltage 2.5V to 52Vdc with surge voltage protection and having a frequency range from 20Hz to 20kHz, it comes with both the free-field and diffuse-field calibration data included.

Mobile devices like iPad’s and iPhones are more and more used for controlling live sound mixers and PA Systems giving the FOH and system engineers the possibility to walk freely around the venue, optimizing sound reinforcement, monitor mixes or checking the acoustics using third party app’s. Back at the FOH position, the same tablet/smartphone combination and iSEMic 725TR can be used to service applications running on a PC or MAC computer with those measurement signals, simply using of an off-the-shelf USB interface and XLR cable.

The iSEMic microphone was designed with built-in electronics to be compatible with iPhone, iPad, as well as other mobile devices including laptop computers and phantom powered professional audio equipment, including ICP/IEPE power. The iSEMic’s mechanically robust design is also well suited for use in harsh environments, such as open air events. The 725TR is temperature compensated for accurate SPL monitoring and is therefore ideal for sound reinforcement measurements.

Its IEC 61672 class 2 frequency response makes it also ideal for room acoustics analysis including recording studios and home theaters. Free-field and diffuse-field calibration data file for compensation is included. The microphone sensitivity is rated at -52dB re 1V/pa (2,5mV @ 94dBspl), optimized for mobile devices (e.g. iPad) not to clip with signals up to 125dB SPL.

iSEMcon offers a large variety of accessories for the iSEMic series, such as cables, adapters and holders, including an impedance symmetric Phantom Power adapter containing a special circuitry to match the iSEMic microphone to Phantom Power devices. The advantage of the full featured adapter is, that the microphone draws power from the hot and the cold XLR pins, which makes it impedance symmetrical. The electronics also limit the power draw from both, the hot and the cold input (2mA each).

The iSEMic 725TR base kit includes the individually calibrated microphone with individual free and diffuse-field data, the SA-iBF adapter for iPad/iPhone use and windscreen, all packed in a compact tin metal case. A purposely designed bushing can be used together with a holding clamp or shockmount to attach the microphone to a regular microphone desk or floor stand.

The new iSEMic 725TR and the complete range of accessories will be shown at InfoComm 2015 show in Orlando, FL.
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