Libre Wireless Technologies Announces Its LibreSync Platform Will Work with Amazon Alexa and Support the Alexa Connected Speaker APIs

August 31 2017, 03:00
At the IFA 2017 consumer electronics show in Berlin, Libre Wireless Technologies announced their LibreSync wireless mic-to-cloud voice and media streaming platform solutions will work with Amazon Alexa voice service, as well as support the newly announced Alexa Connected Speaker APIs. With the integration of Alexa and the Alexa Connected Speaker APIs, Libre enables consumer brands and ODM’s to easily incorporate and leverage Alexa voice service and multiroom audio control via Alexa. 

These new Alexa voice control features will leverage Libre’s underlying multiroom synchronization technology combined with a new advanced cloud based services system referred to as Libre Cloud Services, which connects Audio/IoT end points to Amazon Alexa, enabling these new features.

The complexities of multiroom audio and Libre Cloud Services connections are easily managed through the Alexa voice interface for controlling content, multiple devices and groups of devices throughout the home. All products integrated with these Libre solutions can be controlled by asking any Alexa device.

Libre’s industry leading scalable WiFi and BlueTooth multi-protocol and multi-source connectivity modules with their extensive LibreSync software enable OEM’s and ODM’s to more easily integrate Alexa voice service with their products. Libre offers a range of WiFi/BT and voice solutions that deliver optimized media streaming and multi-room audio features along with advanced far field, beam forming, acoustic echo cancellation, wake-word recognition algorithms and on-line/off-line control command recognition to integrate Alexa at a range of price/performance points. Solutions range from high performance LS9AD module with 11ac WiFi plus Bluetooth and BLE, mid-range option with LS6 2x2 MIMO and down to the new LS5BV 11n plus integrated voice module, the industries most full integrated, smallest and lowest power mic-to-cloud solution.

Libre is leading the ease of use and out-of-box experience for setting up a single or multiple audio/voice systems and coexistence and concurrent use of voice services while using external input sources like Aux-in, BT audio in, DAB/DAB+ input etc. Certain configurations also include high value options for security and safety features using sound classification technology such that products can detect and respond to smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, glass breaking and even baby cries for parental monitoring for example, and integration into DECT Telephony systems for handsfree voice activated phone calling to any where in the world. These features are integrated into the LibreSync WiFi/BT modules and platform to deliver many advanced audio and music streaming features along with a growing list of Smart Home applications.

“Voice interface and control is experiencing rapid growth and fast becoming a primary interface for man to machine applications in virtually every market segment,” says Hooman Kashef, Chief Executive Officer of Libre Wireless Technologies. “We are very honored and proud to be work with Amazon Alexa and the Alexa Connected Speaker APIs today and into the future, where we will continue to lead the market in cost, size, power, multi-protocol and multi-function features.”
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