Libre Wireless MAVID Device and Software Now with Amazon Alexa Built-in

February 8 2019, 00:55
Leading embedded wireless voice/AI solutions provider Libre Wireless Technologies announced that its MAVID (Multiprotocol, Audio, Voice, IoT Device) super compact, ultra-low power mic-to-cloud platform and software SDK, now supports the Alexa Voice Service (AVS) built-in. The breakthrough platform incorporates a complete hardware and software solution for embedded voice, IoT, audio and wireless connectivity, and now features integrated AVS. 

In addition to bringing great value to existing voice-enabled products, Libre’s advanced platform enables OEM’s and ODM’s to create entirely new applications not previously possible, such as pocket-sized battery-powered devices, unique portable and even wearable products for next generation AI and voice service products.

MAVID measures only 13.5mm x 13.5mm and provides performance optimized dual band WiFi, Bluetooth audio/BLE and extensive host MCU capabilities incorporating a feature rich STM32 microcontroller from STMicroelectronics. This industry-leading low-power voice/AI solution is enabled with the STM32Cube.AI Neural-Network developer toolbox and will be continually expanding features through this important STM32 portfolio and ecosystem into the future.

“We appreciate our strong relationship with Libre and that this collaboration has yielded such a unique voice/AI device in this explosive new market,” says Miguel Castro, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Marketing Manager, STMicroelectronics. “We are excited that the MAVID platform is now approved and ready for market and that engaged customers are already designing break-through new products and that the strong demand pipeline can now be accelerated together with Libre.”

MAVID’s multiprotocol connectivity comes with best-in-class 2.4/5Ghz dual-band 802.11ac WiFi, BT 4.1 with audio and BLE interfaces, concurrent WiFi/BT operation and protocol support along with RF/Antenna coexistence. It also features a highly efficient RTOS-based OS with minimum memory footprint and rapid response; 1/2/3 mic far field voice options with full Acoustic Echo Cancellation for ASR and Voice communications; Beam Forming; regional Wake Word recognition; ultra-low power Wake-on-voice features; and embedded RAM and Flash memory. 

This extensive hardware integration into a single device is incredibly unique and now features support for Alexa, all running on Libre’s very fast and power efficient Real-Time Operating System.

“We are very proud of having worked on MAVID and delivering this revolutionary voice/AI technology product to market. MAVID offers so much unique and differentiating value to our customers, especially at this time when Brand/OEM customers are looking for key differentiation and the ability to position their products along side the first party products,” says Jordan Watters, Chief Executive Officer at Libre Wireless Technologies. “We are very excited by the overwhelming market response to MAVID and the new voice enabled products being designed based on this unique technology. We look forward to more product announcements in the coming weeks and months.”

The first MAVID-based product is for Alexa and will launch in the India market, with several products in the certification pipeline for the US and EU markets with launches beginning in Q1 2019.
New Financing
Libre Wireless also announced the closing of new financing that will fund the company’s growing product line, support expanding customer engagements and operational growth. This capital infusion will be especially targeted for the new “MAVID” device (Multiprotocol, Audio, Voice, IoT Device) and software SDK, and now this super compact, ultra-low power mic-to-cloud platform supports the Alexa Voice Service (AVS).

Along with the financing, Libre is restructuring under the leadership of Jordan Watters, newly named CEO. The changes are oriented around fast development execution and closer customer support with a focus on local presence, scalability and time-to-market in the traditional CE segments as well as increased focus on broader IoT applications where connectivity, security and cloud technology all come together.

“We are excited to be a part of the Libre family and about these changes and the improvements they will deliver” says CEO Harry Wang at Linear Capital. “The opportunity in this space is tremendous and we believe Libre’s technology and solutions can play a unique role in the future of voice and AI in markets world wide.”

“The fruitful cooperation between Libre Wireless and DSP Group has already resulted in the introduction of innovative VUI solutions, and we are looking forward to enhance our partnership in delivering best in class solutions to our customers,” says Yosi Brosh, CVP SmartVoice in DSP Group. “We are especially excited about the innovative new Libre MAVID voice platform featuring DSP Group voice technology delivering the smallest form-factor and lowest power consumption in the industry.”

“Voice, connectivity and intelligent devices are at the center of today’s technology revolution, and Libre is in the center of that storm,” says Jordan Watters, Chief Executive Officer at Libre Wireless Technologies. “Our new structure and capital will enable faster execution and improved resources to ensure better customer support and confidence. With industry leading unique embedded voice hardware and software solutions, strong and committed financing partners, compelling tier 1 technology partnerships and lead position with ecosystem giants, Libre is positioned for strong growth and an exciting future.”

Libre Wireless Technologies has extensive expertise in developing WiFi/Wireless technologies for media streaming, voice interface/control and AI applications. Libre offers a range of approved and certified electronic modules along with RF/antenna design solutions and extensive software that manages virtually all aspects of system, voice and connectivity features.
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