Libre Wireless Technologies Partners with Gigaset to Create New Amazon Alexa Built-In DECT Devices

April 24 2019, 00:45
Leading embedded wireless voice/AI solutions provider Libre Wireless Technologies announced the launch of new voice enabled communications products with Gigaset, Europe’s largest Telco producer and top five in the world. These audio products are industry leading smart communications products featuring Alexa Voice Assistant Built-In that is seamlessly integrated with advanced voice calling features on traditional DECT and PSTN phone systems, combining technology from Libre and DSP Group.

“The Libre Communicator” technologies provide a fusion of advanced Amazon voice calling and messaging features with DECT and PSTN bridging, call management, routing and coexistence that brings the best of new Voice/AI technologies together with existing telecommunication infrastructure in homes and corporate premises. This revolutionary product essentially reinvents the landline phone.

Gigaset is a long established telecom and brand leader in Germany and Europe and is recognized worldwide for their advanced telephones for private and business, smartphones and smart home products. Through this partnership, Libre and Gigaset have collaborated to introduce revolutionary new products that leverage “The Libre Communicator” (“TLC”) technology features to bridge multiple ecosystems, wireless protocols and voice assistant features. This delivers to consumers the most unique and advanced voice services, communications and messaging services and experiences in the market.

The Gigaset products take advantage of The Libre Communicators’ unique, scalable voice/AI technology deployed on an array of Libre’s network media modules and price/performance points to service their broad product line plans that begin with the launch of the Gigaset smart speaker L800HX in May 2019. In addition to the most advanced Amazon Alexa based voice and music features, this will be the first device that combines landline telephony featuring DECT technology from DSP Group, and smart speaker features.

The Gigaset smart speaker L800HX can be used just like a handset on any DECT base station – such as one for a normal cordless phone – or directly on a router with the relevant functionality. No additional device or extension with a connection to the phone socket is needed to make calls. The Gigaset smart speaker app for Android and iOS enables a connection to the WiFi network, Amazon Alexa and DECT system to be set up quickly and easily. After that, the contacts on the smartphone are imported to the Amazon service if desired and then users can start phoning. The Gigaset smart speaker establishes a telephone connection in response to a voice command, such as “Alexa, call Tom.” Phone numbers can also be dictated: “Alexa, call 0171 123 456.” Incoming calls can be taken and ended by calling out “Alexa, pick up the phone” or “Alexa, hang up.” If the caller is stored in the phone book, Alexa even says his or her name. And calls can also be ignored: “Alexa, don’t take the call.”

With its refined microphone technology and echo cancellation, the Gigaset smart speaker L800HX - 199.90 EUR retail - ensures that calls can be understood clearly, even when there is a large group of people around – such as in a family conference or when business calls are made in small offices. If the call is taken on a handset, it can be transferred to the Gigaset smart speaker. And if a contact name has also been assigned to other handsets connected to the same DECT base station, internal calls with other rooms are also possible, for example by saying “Alexa, call the study.”

The new Gigaset smart speaker design, with its cylindrical shape in bright white, with a modern, structured textile surface and small orange Gigaset fabric label, combines a powerful three-inch loudspeaker that is also able to stream music and fill a room with sound. Besides supporting Internet services like Amazon Music or TuneIn, it supports Bluetooth 4.1 and can play music wirelessly from Bluetooth-based devices such as a smartphone. All other audio sources can also be connected using the Aux In port.

“Innovation is only possible with the right partners at hand,” says Klaus Weßing, CEO, Gigaset AG. “With Libre Wireless Technologies we found the right people to support our eager plans. They had the spirit and technology to really help in creating something totally new.”

“We are very proud to be partnering with Gigaset and Amazon and developing this market leading platform for communications,” says Jordan Watters, Chief Executive Officer at Libre Wireless Technologies. “The Libre Communicator technologies bring tremendous value to both Operators and consumers by seamlessly bridging the latest voice assistant, calling and control features with easy to use traditional calling systems.”

Gigaset is Europe’s market leader in DECT telephones and is also a leader in the international telecommunications arena, with around 900 employees and sales activities in 50 countries. Its business activities comprise not only DECT phones, but also an extensive smartphone portfolio, cloud-based smart home security, comfort and care solutions as well as professional business telephony solutions for small, medium-sized and large enterprises. Gigaset is best known for its quality, design and sustainability of their products. | |
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