Libre Wireless Technologies Introduces Mic-to-Cloud Voice Module with Integrated Far Field Voice Interface/Control Based on DSP Group’s SmartVoice Technology

September 6 2017, 03:00
Libre Wireless Technologies announced the launch of their new LS5BV LibreSync module featuring fully integrated and optimized far field voice interface capabilities as well as extensive music streaming and multiroom audio features. This small and low power mic-to-cloud module uses DSP Group’s SmartVoice technology and HDClear SoC with sophisticated algorithms for detecting and processing far field voice, including advanced noise reduction, echo cancellation, music barge-in and audio processing features. 

The compact LS5BV module enables OEM and ODM manufacturers to integrate new complex voice interface, media and connectivity features into new mainstream products where size, power and cost are paramount. The module is designed to support from 1 to 3 mics, offering flexibility for various applications that can be optimized for cost, front facing 180 or circular 360 degree applications. The LS5BV offers a clean interface to off-module mics allowing the product designer ultimate flexibility on mic placement and product integration while providing a simple low cost interface in a fully integrated mic-to-cloud voice solution. 

The complete LS5BV smart voice and media streaming platform solution includes support for the LibreSync SDK with it’s Mic-to-Cloud solution and media streaming capability. The LS5BV can operate in Master mode or Self-hosted mode by providing complete UI/UX and audio system control functionality or in Slave mode where it can interface to an external MCU and expose a rich set of control API’s.
DSP Group team at IFA 2017.
DSP Group’s HDClear SoC is an innovative audio/voice SoC for IoT devices as smart speakers which enables far-field device activation and operation via voice commands while maintaining low power consumption and high performance using pre-process algorithms such as noise reduction, beam-forming and Acoustic Echo Canceling (AEC) for barge-in mode using 1 to 3 mics.

"We are thrilled to work with Libre Wireless Technologies on their new LibreSync module. It is an incredibly sophisticated yet fully integrated hardware and software solution that delivers the ultimate in IoT voice technology, audio streaming and multiroom and unique concurrent operation of voice/ASR and multiple playback sources," says Yosi Brosh, CVP SmartVoice Sales & Marketing at DSP Group. “The LibreSync module will help ensure that Libre customers are out in front of the fast-moving world of connected voice assistant products with this new size, power and cost optimized turn-key product.”

“The high integration and high efficiency and low power operation of voice processing algorithms attracted us to DSP Group’s HDClear SoC,” says Hooman Kashef, CEO of Libre Wireless Technologies. “DSP Group brings decades of experience in voice processing to Libre, and their technology is helping us to deliver maximum flexibility in size, cost, features and low power to our customers.”

DSP Group recently exhibited this and many other audio and voice processing solutions with software and hardware reference designs at IFA 2017 in Berlin. |
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