Futuresource's Audio Collaborative 2020 Expands as Two-Day Live-Streamed Event

September 14 2020, 00:15
Futuresource Consulting is putting together another edition of the company's renowned Audio Collaborative event, which for 2020 will be shifting to an all-virtual experience. With health and safety being of prime importance during the coronavirus outbreak, Futuresource must ensure all co-workers, exhibitors, thought leaders and attendees feel at ease to best experience and deliver the range of fascinating topics lined up. Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th of November, from 14:00 – 18:00 GMT, Audio Collaborative 2020 will be more global than ever.

Taking place over two days (November 4-5) instead of all in a single day, and converted to a streamed event for the first time in six years, the traditional conference promoted by market research firm Futuresource Consulting will continue to be the premier must attend event for consumer audio, pro audio and entertainment industry professionals, and this year with no traveling to London involved. If anyone wants to learn more about Audio Collaborative and understand why this is a must-attend event every year, audioXpress coverage of the 2019 edition is available here: https://audioxpress.com/tags/audio-collaborative-2019

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Even though we will all be forced to be sitting in front of the computer, instead of enjoying food and drinks at the excellent Ham Yard Hotel, located at the heart of London, Audio Collaborative 2020 will continue to be a key event to share industry insights, engage with global brands and learn about future of the audio industry within the ‘new normal’. According to Futuresource, this year's thought-provoking panels and presentations have been designed to ensure audio brands emerge from the crisis as stronger, better positioned, more valuable businesses.

From our virtual seat anywhere in the world, we can still engage in keynotes and panel discussions presented by the Futuresource analyst teams and world-class industry-leaders. As usual, they’ll be revealing the latest insights and developments set to impact the future of audio. Apart from the keynotes and panel discussions, throughout the course of the two days it will be still possible to explore a product showcase, presented by a mix of brand partners, through a range of personalized pages with product information and video demonstrations. And Futuresource will also be promoting networking opportunities to engage with other brands, thought leaders and business connections, with live interactions, and Q&A discussions throughout the event.

"As we navigate through what has certainly been a challenging period for us all, one thing for certain is that the wonderful world of tech has enabled businesses to stay connected, remain creative and form solutions on a global scale. It is these same learnings over the past few months that will enable Futuresource to deliver what is promised to still be an unmissable event, all from the comfort of your own home. Attendees will see first class presentations and panels from industry titans and Futuresource experts on the growth and the crossover of business opportunities for the entire audio ecosystem," says Futuresource.

Sessions already confirmed for Audio Collaborative 2020 include the following:
- The consumer and pro audio industry in numbers – the long-range market outlook and hot sectors post COVID-19
- Reaching customers and selling “sound” in an increasingly dominant e-tail world
- Expansion of technology giants in both consumer and pro applications – how do traditional audio vendors stay relevant?
- Radio as an evergreen content genre – how lockdown has accelerated the requirement for radio and the shift in focus for music streaming services looking to create more personalized offerings
- A/V Collaboration tools and app usage turbocharged during lockdown for business professionals and consumers - will this change how enterprises collaborate and manage their workforce in the future and what advancements in technology will emerge to enhance the user experience?
- Who will win the share of ear? Headphones are becoming consumer must-haves worn 24/7 for entertainment and business use, driven by true wireless technology. What are the key market drivers and applications fueling demand for this ever-buoyant market and which form factors will remain relevant?
- Wearable health – what role will hearables play in a growing health and fitness sector?
- Smart speakers – while music remains the fundamental application for smart speakers, what other opportunities are there in terms of use cases and new skills, as voice pervades other devices in the smart home?
- The increasing role of IP in audio and A/V distribution – what are the key restrictions and benefits?
- The evolution of the Gamer – the growth in console, mobile and PC gaming, and the Esports revolution are all combining to take an increasing share of consumers entertainment spend and leisure time. What other opportunities does the gaming sector bring for the entertainment and audio hardware industry?
- The accelerated growth of live streaming of concerts, theatre and the Tik Tok-style user generated content in lockdown - whilst not the full sensory experience, emerging home technologies are creating more compelling events. How will this impact the live performance and touring segment and boost the home studio opportunity? What opportunities and challenges prevail for the entertainment sectors?
- The next decade of Audio tech – what key emerging technology enablers will impact, among other areas, energy harvesting, microphone developments, directional sound, device connectivity and audio production techniques. How will this fuel innovation in the audio industry and audio production techniques.

For these fascinating Audio Collaborative 2020 panels, some of the already confirmed speakers include Geir Skaaden, Chief Products and Services Officer at Xperi; Katy Templeman-Holmes, Director of Market Strategy Harman Professional; Tim Johnston PE, Vice President of Engineering at Starkey Hearing; David Saidden, Director of Strategic Partnerships TikTok; Travis Baxter, Content & External Affairs Director at Bauer Media; Andreas Ehret, Director, Technology Marketing at Dolby; Harry Parslow, CEO, Tourlife; Martin Bodley, Director, Emerging Businesses at Bose; Bernice Cramer, Director of Product Management and Global Marketing, Professional Audio at Bose; Robert Jan van Dormael, Vice President of Consumer Marketing at Harman; Adam Levenson, Senior Director, Business Development at Waves Audio; Jim Odom, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, PreSonus; Dr. Paul Beckmann, Founder & CTO, DSP Concepts; Chris Burns, Head of Audio and Digital, BBC; Stefan Meltzer, Chief Business Development Manager, Fraunhofer IIS; Meridith Rojas, Global Head of Creator Marketing at Logitech; Aled Haydn Jones, Head of BBC Radio 1; and TJ Varghese, Product Manager, Google.

Futuresource will be announcing more updates for the event in the company's website, and audioXpress will update this post regularly until November 4-5, 2020. As in previous years, audioXpress will once again be an official media partner for Audio Collaborative 2020.
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