DECT Forum Introduces openD for Wireless Software Development

February 14 2019, 00:25
DECT Forum, the worldwide association focused on promoting the wireless home and enterprise communication industry, announced the market launch of openD, a new platform for software development using the DECT air interface for wireless applications. The launch conference will take place in Nuremberg, Fraunhofer IIS, on February 25, 2019. The initiative marks an important moment for wireless developers as the strengths of DECT and ULE (Ultra Low Energy) will become more accessible to developers and product managers alike.

As the smart home and connected devices market continues to evolve and the Internet of Things embraces a combination of Voice and Data, companies are looking increasingly for low power and reliable connectivity outside WiFi and Bluetooth range. The DECT technology, used by companies such as Deutsche Telekom, AVM, Panasonic, NEC, Plantronics and Sennheiser, is an ideal wireless voice solution for broadband.

The new openD platform for software development using the DECT air interface for wireless applications, combines smart sensor capability in low power projects where voice is the user interface. As a development platform, openD allows developers to create smart applications with integrated voice capabilities simply using a set of open source APIs that translate the power of DECT and ULE into a host of applications like door communication/opening devices, baby phones, bi-directional audio monitors, providing data communication in home/building networks, or creating next generation devices for industrial automation and healthcare that profit from DECT's 20 MHz of interference free radio spectrum (10 DECT radio carriers, each with 12 duplex channels).

With over 50 million DECT capable home gateways supporting HD Voice and Smart Home services, the continued success of DECT is guaranteed in the traditional target markets. Beyond these markets though, DECT and ULE are also attracting the attention of developers in other professional vertical markets. From high quality audio to healthcare and industry, the unique technical advantages of DECT are being discovered by a new developer generation. To underpin this, openD will enable users to quickly tap into the strength of the technology offering open source sample code for each feature. openD is (DECT) chip independent and delivers a common set of APIs for base and client. It is available under Apache 2.0 or GPL v2 License and comes with a complete set of open source developer tools.

openD was developed to address applications that combine the USPs of DECT and ULE on a single platform – highly reliable, low latency applications that require the delivery of voice/data in mission critical environments. Also, by creating a seamless interface to Raspberry PI and to STM Nucleo prototyping platforms, openD will participate in the huge developer and maker movement using these platforms. In this context, openD can act as a catalyst to engage new vertical industries as DECT becomes a 5G mobile technology. 

Entrance is free to the openD launch conference and hands-on tutorial (Fraunhofer IIS, Nuremberg) on February 25, 2019. Registration for the openD community and the event is available at: openD will also be presented at Embedded World 2019 in Nuremberg (February 26-28, DECT Forum booth 4A/511).
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