Cardinal Peak and Syntiant Announce Collaboration to Provide Voice-Enabled Audio Product Design Services

January 15 2021, 01:10
Cardinal Peak, a leading provider of product engineering services, and Syntiant, the fast-growing developer of deep learning AI chips for edge devices, announced a design collaboration focused on providing brands with a turnkey solution to build innovative end-to-end audio and voice-enabled products. The product engineering services firm from Boulder, CO, will expand Syntiant's efforts to offer customized AI hardware and software solutions to the consumer electronics industry.

Syntiant’s advanced chip solutions merge deep learning with semiconductor design to produce ultra-low-power, high-performance, deep neural network processors for always-on applications in battery-powered devices, such as smartphones, smart speakers, true wireless earbuds, hearing aids and laptops.

Leveraging the power of Syntiant’s deep learning processors, Cardinal Peak will provide clients with scalable, secure, efficient and cost-effective audio product development capabilities. Cardinal Peak’s team of 100-plus engineers has deep experience in hardware, embedded software, cloud and end-user applications, such as mobile and quality assurance, to develop connected audio, Internet of Things and voice products. The collaboration with Syntiant showcases Cardinal Peak’s device engineering expertise and long-term client project success.

"Our partnership with Syntiant enables us to design highly customized audio products with the highest levels of fidelity and very low latency," says Bernard Vachon, VP of Embedded Engineering at Cardinal Peak. "Syntiant’s chips provide powerful processing, compact size and ultra-low power requirements."

"Our collaboration brings together Syntiant’s low-power neural network technology with Cardinal Peak’s leading product design capabilities," adds Kurt Busch, CEO at Syntiant. "Working with Cardinal Peak expands our capabilities to support custom designs and further scale the broad adoption of our neural decision processors."

Both Cardinal Peak and Syntiant are members of Amazon’s Voice Interoperability Initiative, a commitment to providing choice and flexibility while advancing machine learning, artificial intelligence research, interoperability and security. The initiative focuses on improving customer experiences with multiple, simultaneous wake words and voice assistants or agents. 

A leading product engineering services firm, Cardinal Peak leverages deep experience in hardware, embedded software, cloud, end-user applications, such as mobile and quality assurance (QA), to develop connected products in multiple markets, including audio, video, security and medical. The company accelerates product development with end-to-end design services and helps brands bring their new audio products to market quickly.
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