Beyma Raises Force Factor with New QLEX Woofer Series

May 26 2020, 01:10
While many other OEM pro audio driver manufacturers have temporarily retreated and quarantined during the COVID-19 pandemic, others opted to stick to their original plans and albeit the cancellations of major trade-shows, maintained their product schedule. Benefiting from some additional time to refine designs, Beyma continued its search to break the limits of acoustic technology and now unveiled the latest QLEX woofer series, developed to offer the extra energy and performance that the latest generation of sound reinforcement systems demand.

Right on the heels of the innovative LEX series of high performance woofers and subwoofers, Beyma now unveiled a new series of low-frequency drivers with very impressive specs and longer excursion capabilities. The new QLEX woofer series features three unique ceramic drivers, available in 21, 18 and 15" sizes, powered by Beyma's exclusive 4-layer voice coil technology “QUATTRO”. The series F.E.A. optimized motor structure raises the drivers' Force Factor (BL) almost 30%, which means more energy in the gap and improved control from the amplifier.

This BL increase also makes any of the drivers in the QLEX series a perfect ally for acoustic systems that require higher SPL speaker levels, excellent linearity and ultra-low distortion. And once again the heat dissipation of the whole QLEX family is improved thanks to Beyma's exclusive Maltcross technology, allowing higher power handling, with a superior ratio of total SPL vs weight, which make them lighter than similar neodymium speakers for a given coil diameter.

The new Beyma QLEX Series offers solutions in 21”, 18” and 15” formats, all featuring unique ferrite drivers that are able to compete with similar-sized neodymium drivers on the market. The larger 21QLEX1600Fe woofer, optimized for direct radiation and band-pass subwoofer applications, is rated for 3200 W program power and 1600 W AES power at 8 Ohm with 98 dB (1W @ 1m) sensitivity. This large size subwoofer offers extended controlled displacement with ± 13 mm Xmax. It uses a waterproof cone with treatment on both sides and a double silicone spider.

The intermediate 18QLEX1600Fe woofer model, optimized for top performance applications, shows identical specifications (3200 W program power and 1600 W AES power at 8 Ohm with 97 dB (1W @ 1m) sensitivity. Construction details add an exclusive NCR membrane (Neck Coupling Reinforcement). The high power handling and low distortion 15" subwoofer, 15QLEX1600Fe, makes the QLEX series design even more impressive, showing very similar specifications and very similar sensitivity, including Xmax displacement.

According to Beyma, all these drivers are better performing in vented cabinets, band pass and horn loaded designs.

"The QLEX models are something really innovative in Beyma's products since they combine a unique 4-layer voice coil in a design that allowed us to increase the BL (Force Factor) by 30%. This improvement in force factor inspired us to create a promotional campaign with the slogan "Enjoy the Journey, Join the Force," says Espartaco Saez, Beyma's Commercial Director. "For those who are in permanent search and on a journey to the limits of acoustic technology, the QLEX series has been developed for you," he adds.
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