Beyma Introduces Three New LEX Woofers and More at Prolight+Sound 2019

April 4 2019, 01:45
In clear party mode to celebrate its 50th anniversary, Spanish professional loudspeaker manufacturer Beyma introduced several new products at this year’s Prolight+Sound show in Frankfurt. The debuts include three new high performance subwoofers that expand even more the unique LEX range, with its mix of artistic and optimized mechanical design. Beyma also expanded its portfolio in the woofers section with a new 14” driver, a new format for the company, and introduces a new 1,4” exit small compression driver.

Joining the concept and design of Beyma’s successful 18LEX1600Nd, the company introduces three new high performance subwoofers for 2019, the new 12LEX1300Nd, 18LEX1000Nd and 15LEX1000Nd. The new woofers feature long excursion capabilities, very high output and very low distortion and have been designed for performing better in vented cabinets and loaded horn designs. All of the models are top competitive weight/performance units thanks to an optimized F.E.A. neodymium motor structure which features Beyma’s exclusive Maltcross technology. Like the other LEX drivers, the new models feature waterproof cones with treatment for both sides, double silicone spiders, and triple surround rings.

The new 12LEX1300Nd woofer was designed with a 4” (100mm) DUO double layer in/out voice coil, while the new 15LEX1000Nd and 18LEX1000Nd feature the new DUO voice coil design in 3,5” (88mm). The 12LEX1300Nd offers extended controlled displacement with ± 11 mm Xmax and 65 mm peak-to-peak excursion before damage. Also very impressive, the new 15LEX1000Nd and 18LEX1000Nd subwoofers, both rated at 1000W AES and 2000 W program power, offer low distortion with impressive 97 dB/98 dB (1W / 1m) sensitivity with ± 10 mm Xmax and 65 mm peak-to-peak excursion before damage.

And on Beyma’s booth there was a new woofer in 14” format presented this year, joining the MC700Nd family of high efficiency woofers launched in 2018. The new 14MC700Nd (700 W AES / 1.400 W program), with optimized neodymium motor structure of very low weight, was designed for bass and mid / bass applications of very high efficiency, where a high sensitivity, good linearity, low distortion, and a high target of total SPL are required. This new 14” format opens more options to system designers allowing them to work between the most conventional sizes of 12" and 15” and achieve very efficient performance specifications from 55 to 4.000 Hz.

Finally, for the high frequencies, Beyma introduced a new small size, FEA optimized ferrite compression driver, with a 1.75 "(44.4 mm) DUO double layer in/out aluminum voice coil and 1,4" (36 mm) throat. According to Beyma, the new CD1114Fe features the exclusive Beyma PM4 polymer diaphragm, which provides very competitive performance in linearity, band pass and distortion as well as a very natural timbre that has been widely recognized by a large part of the professional audio market. The new driver is rated for 70 W program power above 1,5 kHz with a sensitivity of 109 dB (1W / 1m).
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