Waves Introduces Networkable SoundGrid Studio System

July 25 2014, 07:19
The new Waves Audio SoundGrid Studio System is a real-time processing and networking platform that enables users’ DAWs to offload their plug-in processing, streamlines and maximizes performance with real-time processing and low-latency monitoring, and integrates seamlessly with all DAWs and SoundGrid-compatible I/Os.

Waves’ SoundGrid technology enables uncompressed, multichannel, low-latency digital audio over Ethernet networks and real-time processing solutions for live, broadcast, and music production facilities. With audio networks growing in popularity, Waves Audio developed its own dedicated approach to Audio-over-Ethernet, leveraging the company’s experience in digital audio processing. Being a market leader in the development of audio plug-ins, Waves worked with British company DiGiCo, a leading manufacturer of professional mixing consoles, to create the DiGiGrid range of audio interfaces. The DiGiGrid concept enabled the use of Waves plug-ins in real-time live applications, while also enabling connection to multiple DAWs and hardware devices for recording purposes.

Now, the SoundGrid Studio System solution brings the concept specifically to the studio environment and serves any setup, from a single DAW with one SoundGrid I/O, to an entire network of host computers, I/Os, and SoundGrid DSP servers. With its real-time processing and low-latency monitoring, the SoundGrid Studio System can run a nearly unlimited number of plugins, allowing users to track and rehearse with near-zero latency.

The SoundGrid Studio System enables users to connect all components through a centralized hub, as well as to connect multiple DAWs using the SoundGrid ASIO/Core Audio driver. It is also compliant with SoundGrid-compatible Waves and third-party plug-ins and comes with a line of powerful DSP servers that provide unequaled offload capabilities.
The SoundGrid Studio System includes the SoundGrid Studio Application, which manages the SoundGrid network on a host computer; the eMotion ST mixer, which runs plugins in real time for recording, mixing, and low-latency monitoring while tracking or rehearsing; and StudioRack, which runs plugin chains, saves and loads their presets, and offloads their processing to a SoundGrid DSP server. A SoundGrid ASIO/Core Audio driver connects any DAW to the SoundGrid network as a software I/O.

All DiGiGrid I/O interfaces come with the complete SoundGrid Studio System software and current owners of DiGiGrid MGB and MGO units can receive the complete SoundGrid Studio System software free of charge.

See the introduction video here.
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