Waves Introduces New SoundGrid DSP Servers and Waves-Optimized Computer

November 14 2018, 00:55
As a leading provider of digital signal processing solutions, Waves has been showing the way for the professional audio industry to fully leverage the possibilities of audio networking and distributed audio processing, combining the best of software and hardware to create a fully integrated Waves SoundGrid solution. Now the company introduced three new elements to that architecture with the new SoundGrid Server One-C and Extreme Server-C DSP processing units, and the Waves Axis One, a standardized computer, custom-designed and optimized to run Waves audio applications.

The new Waves SoundGrid Server One-C is a compact, lightweight and tough DSP unit in a robust all-metal casing that relieves the computer running multitrack recording and mixing tasks from plugin processing. The Server One-C is powered by an Intel Skylake i5 CPU and is able to run hundreds of SoundGrid-compatible plugins in real time, live or in the studio – using only half the width of a standard rack.

Whether users are mixing a live show or tracking overdubs in the studio, the Waves SoundGrid Server One-C provides the essential real-time plugin processing and does so at lightning-fast speeds: latency gets as low as 0.8 ms at 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96 kHz. Server One-C is fitted into a rugged all-metal 2U casing which is only half the width of a standard 19-inch rack. Users can rack-mount a single server using rack ears, or mount two servers side-by-side using a rack shelf. And it's small enough to take anywhere to use in any live event or external studio.

The Waves SoundGrid Server One-C can be used with any SoundGrid interface (including DiGiGrid I/Os) or non-SoundGrid I/Os (ASIO/Core Audio) via SoundGrid Connect. Network connections are provided with Neutrik etherCon ports and the operation is totally quiet with automatic CPU fan control

For users in need of even more power for plug-in processing, Waves introduced the SoundGrid Extreme Server-C in the same compact, light and robust half-rack chassis. This DSP unit can effortlessly process hundreds of SoundGrid-compatible plugins in real time, live or in the studio, powered by an Intel Skylake i7 CPU.

And because certain applications like live recording require maximum reliability, Waves launched the Axis One, a Waves-optimized  Windows 10 computer using an Intel i5 8500 processor, 16GB DDR4 RAM and 256GB SSD. The Waves Axis One is a standardized computer, custom-designed and optimized to run Waves audio applications in a road-hardy half-rack 2U case, making it a trustworthy turnkey solution for live sound, broadcast and the studio. It features two HDMI ports, one display port, one SoundGrid port (EtherCon connector), one Ethernet port (RJ45 connector), 8x USB2/USB3 ports, and one USB-C port in a rack-mountable metal chassis.

"Axis One is designed from the ground up to perform reliably and consistently under demanding circumstances, with maximum stability and rock-solid performance. Through careful selection of components and extensive rigorous testing, it has been optimized to match the needs of sound engineers using Waves software applications," Waves states.

Axis One can act as the “brain” of a SoundGrid networked system, seamlessly interfacing with SoundGrid I/O devices and servers and is a ready to use solution for live sound duties or to use in the studio for tracking, mixing and mastering. Waves also offers a complete range of stageboxes and audio interfaces for live sound with SoundGrid connectivity in its SoundStudio range
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