Waves Audio SuperRack Next Generation Plugin Processing Software Runs Native on Windows/Mac

January 27 2020, 00:40
Waves SuperRack is a flagship example of the company's leadership in both audio signal processing technologies and design of software tools that can be used both in the studio and live sound situations, production and post-production. Able to run up to 128 audio channels through multiple instances of Waves plugins with near-zero latency when running in a SoundGrid Audio-over-Ethernet network and a dedicated SoundGrid DSP server, Waves Audio now also announced native CPU processing support for Waves SuperRack.

Already recognized by audio professionals in all application segments, from home studios to broadcast operations, Waves Audio created SuperRack as an example of a next-generation of plugin processing software for live applications. This cutting-edge plugin rack lets users run up to 128 audio channels through multiple instances of Waves plugins with near-zero latency and offers endless customization options that make it easy for users to tailor the application to any mixing workflow.

For maximum efficiency, SuperRack operates in a SoundGrid Audio-over-Ethernet network, processing audio on a dedicated SoundGrid DSP server, which moves plugin processing from the host computer to an external DSP server in order to significantly increase plugin count, minimize latency, and enable the host and I/O devices to be far apart from each other while accommodating the most complex setups.

With this configuration, SuperRack becomes a natural extension of a mixing console, designed from the ground up for quick setup time, supporting touch-screen interfaces and unlimited workflow customization. With its powerful integration and interface, FOH, monitor, broadcast, and AV engineers can now run the SuperRack plugins in real time, customize their workspace with floating windows, set extended-scope snapshots, and run any live show with more speed and confidence than ever before.

Essentially, Waves SuperRack is an integrated software audio processing solution that allows audio engineers to view and control multiple plugin instances simultaneously in a multitouch-friendly graphic interface, supporting up to four monitors. The graphic interface was designed to allow tweaking small plugin parameters with a “Touch & Slide” fader, and quickly access up to 12 plugins per snapshot via the Hot Plugins panel, as well as mapping application and plugin controls to MIDI and a computer keyboard for quick hands-on access.

Now, Waves also confirmed that the SuperRack live plugin rack also supports Native processing, allowing users to run Waves plugins based on the CPU power of a Windows/Mac computer, using any ASIO/Core Audio interface, without a SoundGrid server connected. Combined with the Waves Dugan Automixer, to optimize mixing of multiple mics in live speaking and corporate forum installations, SuperRack Native is ideal for a wide range of AV installations, including conference rooms, corporate presentation theaters, live news panels, talk shows, and any scenario involving scripted or non-scripted dialog between multiple speakers.
Waves SuperRack Native includes a deep integration with Dugan Automixer for AV installations
The Dugan Automixer plugin automatically controls the gains of multiple mics in real time to maintain a consistent output level across all mic channels and reduce feedback, noise, and comb filtering effects from adjacent microphones. This enables perfectly matched crossfades between each speaker, without signal compression or unwanted sonic artifacts caused by noise gates.

Waves SuperRack combining Native and SoundGrid processing offers even more customization options, allowing users to explore its processing power in more applications, when working with any ASIO/Core Audio interface. Users can link multiple processing racks simultaneously and selectively recall snapshots, and import MultiRack sessions into SuperRack. It is also possible to switch inputs and outputs while maintaining processing chains, perform comprehensive device and network monitoring and manage latency alignment of the whole system.

Users that already own SuperRack can update their software to the latest version to get this new feature for free by updating via Waves Central. 
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