New Low Cost WiFi Audio Streaming Module Solutions Featuring High Resolution Audio and “Easy MRA” Multiroom Audio from Libre Wireless

April 14 2016, 04:00

Libre Wireless Technologies announced its next generation LS5B and LS6B WiFi based music streaming modules. Libre’s new turnkey LibreSync WiFi module solutions feature full 24bit 96kHz/192kHz high resolution audio together with Libre’s DDMS synchronized indoor/outdoor direct multinode streaming technology, enabling entry level/mainstream wireless speaker and audio products.

Libre’s new LibreSync WiFi module solutions deliver broad ecosystem support including Apple AirPlay and HomeKit, Android DLNA, Windows Play-To and full uPnP DMR/DMP/DMS support along with music streaming features like Spotify Connect, TuneIn, vTuner, Deezer, Tidal, QPlay and Melon plus USB, Docking/iAP, SD audio, Aux-in and Mic-in source options. The LS5B and LS6B Network Media Modules combine these features with Libre’s own DDMS multi-room audio streaming technology that can connect and stream over 30 tightly synchronized speakers in one group or many independent groups – indoor or outdoor.

Libre has added unique new “Easy MRA” features that enable simple end user control of their advanced multi-room audio products without the need for a control App. This delivers an all new level of simplicity and price that enables audio product companies to service entirely new mainstream market categories. Both the LS5B and LS6B offer fully integrated connectivity and media processing capability combined with advanced 802.11n WiFi. 

The WiFi is in a 1x1 configuration for LS5B and features antenna options for either a proprietary low cost on-module PCB antenna or a more flexible off-module antenna configuration. The LS6B offers advanced 2x2 MIMO configuration designed especially for use with Libre’s proprietary tuned high performance off-module antennas. The new modules are available at industry leading high-volume prices down to less than ten dollars ($10.00) for LS5B and less than thirteen dollars ($13.00) for LS6B. These prices include fully certified modules plus Libre’s extensive LibreSync media streaming SDK and accompanying Android and iOS reference Apps.

“Libre Wireless Technologies continues to lead the market with cost effective solutions that deliver comprehensive and powerful technology,” says Jordan Watters, Chief Operating Officer of Libre Wireless Technologies. “With the new LS5B and LS6B modules, our many CE brand and ODM partners don’t have to compromise on audio quality or features any longer. With our high resolution audio and Easy MRA features, we can deliver an advanced MRA experience to the end user that features stunning audio quality combined with operational simplicity and ease of use, thus unlocking the true high volume potential of whole home multi-room audio.”

Libre Wireless Technologies is now shipping the LS5B and LS6B modules with full featured LibreSync media streaming software, SDK and control Apps for OEM design.

Certified LS9 Modules Available
Libre Wireless also confirmed that the first configuration of their popular LibreSync LS9 WiFi media streaming module is now certified and ready for mass production. These solutions include the LibreSync LS9 turn-key 11ac+BlueTooth WiFi media module, the new LS9AD 11ac+BlueTooth media module featuring an adaptive dual-band diversity antenna configuration and the LS9 “COB” (“Chip-On-Board”) reference design chip bundle solution. 

The LS9 solution, the LS9-AC11DBT, is now WiFi, CE Pre-Scan and FCC certified and ready for mass production. With this, Libre has implemented all the complex manufacturing tests and RF calibrations to ensure quality product optimized for both WiFi and BlueTooth wireless media streaming applications.
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