Libre Wireless Technologies Powers New Pioneer and Grundig Wireless Audio Products

October 13 2016, 05:00
Libre Wireless Technologies development solutions for WiFi and Bluetooth audio are now powering new products from leading CE brands on cost-sensitive applications. Libre’s LSBT1 Bluetooth module and the mainstream LS5B WiFi media module are now integrated in new Pioneer’s integrated X-HM36D and X-CM66D minisystems. Libre’s wireless audio solutions are also powering the latest Grundig wireless multiroom line with Google Cast support.

Libre Wireless Technologies announced the first products launched from Pioneer and Onkyo Corporation for their long established Pioneer branded audio products. The first Pioneer products featuring Libre WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth audio solutions are the X-HM36D and X-CM66D minisystems, the first Pioneer products to leverage Libre’s LSBT1 Bluetooth module and the mainstream LS5B WiFi media module. These solutions allowed Pioneer to introduce the latest wireless connectivity at the lowest price point.

Typically, these WiFi connectivity features come at a premium price, but Libre’s cost, feature and performance combination for WiFi connectivity as well as Pioneer’s expertise in audio have allowed the Japanese brand to bring these features to mainstream consumers. The new Pioneer integrated minisystems feature support for Spotify music services, Internet radio service provider TuneIn as well as full support of local content via Bluetooth.

“We are quite proud to be selected by Pioneer and Onkyo Corporation, a long established tier 1 audio product company, as their technology partner to work together to enable the unique and compelling wireless connectivity features in these new mainstream minisystem products,” says Jordan Watters, Chief Revenue Officer at Libre Wireless Technologies. “We expect the market will be very impressed with the unique price/performance and value that these products deliver the customer, as only Pioneer can do.”

Arçelik Grundig Products
Libre Wireless also announced the first products launched from a technology partnership between Libre Wireless and Arçelik Group, from Turkey, for its long established Grundig brand of consumer audio products. The Grundig brand has been a leader in Europe and recognized worldwide for premium audio products for decades and new products continue to be developed in Germany, with manufacturing taking place at Arçelik’s different production facilities in Turkey, Romania, China and Thailand.

Grundig recently introduced its brand new line of WiFi connected multiroom audio streaming speakers, including the Grundig FineArts MR 4000 Wireless Network Speaker, and the mainstream Grundig FineArts MR 2000 Wireless Network Speaker model. The Grundig FineArts MR 4000 integrates Libre Wireless LibreSync media streaming modules and software platform now including Google Cast for Audio for synchronized whole home audio and broad support of Cast supported music services.

The Grundig products take advantage of Libre’s scalable platform servicing different modules and price/performance points for their broad product line plans. In addition to Google Cast in the Grundig FineArts MR 4000 Wireless Network Speaker, the MR speakers feature Spotify music service as well as full support of local and network content via DLNA. The Libre DDMS direct streaming multiroom WiFi platform also supports other inputs such as Bluetooth and Aux-In content to enable virtually any source to be shared in wonderful sounding synchronized audio throughout the home.

“We are quite proud to be selected by such an established international company as Arçelik driving the wireless audio across the Grundig brand,” says Hooman Kashef, Chief Executive Officer of Libre Wireless Technologies. “We see these incredibly designed lineup of products providing astounding sound quality and bringing in the latest features such as the Google Cast for Audio delivering consumers with the latest and greatest wireless technology and listening experience.”

“With networked audio solutions, such as the Grundig Wireless Network speakers, Grundig is also introducing the FineArts series network Hi-Fi system,” says Özkemal Altun, Consumer Electronics Category Manager of Arçelik. “Noble design structures with application of high-quality, brushed aluminum, and a convincing powerful stereo 2-way speaker system with bass-reflex design will ensure unique listening experience in every room, and also wherever you go.”

Based in Bangalore, India, Libre Wireless Technologies has extensive expertise and experience in developing WiFi, wireless and media streaming software and SDK platforms, electronic modules and RF/antenna design solutions. Libre’s platforms provide manufacturers with a complete ecosystem of unique media streaming technology, with broad mobile platform ecosystem support, seamless interoperability, optimized and flexible WiFi/Bluetooth options and extensive system level features.
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