MAG Audio Introduces New 10N501 and 12N501 Speakers for Demanding Pro Audio Applications

December 31 2015, 03:10

MAG Audio, the professional audio transducer manufacturer from Ukraine, has adopted a different speaker building approach with the introduction of lightweight, high-sensitivity 10” and 12” neodymium magnet drivers. The new MAG 10N501 and 12N501 are designed for superior quality lightweight full-range speakers with energy saving and effectiveness in mind.

For a number of years, the mainstream approach in transducer building dictates the primary solution to increase speaker’s output is to increase it’s power. This calls for transducers with high power, heavy voice coils, increased linear movement capability, and rigid (and heavy) suspensions and cones. In turn, this leads to less precision, decreased sensitivity, and the need to increase power handling even more. Caught in this perpetual cycle, the result is heavyweight, low sensitivity, stiff and “numb” speakers, demanding immense amounts of power and regular maintenance.

According to MAG, the solution requires a shift in transducer building towards increased sensitivity, decreased distortion and lighter moving systems. “Built throughout the years, such speakers have a reputation of superior performers, which despite presenting less impressive technical numbers proved to provide clearer, precise and subjectively more pleasing sound with considerable sound pressure at decreased input power levels.”

MAG Audio 10N501 and 12N501 speakers are equipped with lightweight, yet rigid moving systems, double aluminum demodulation rings for less distortion, inside-outside copper clad aluminum (CCAW) voice coil for decreased thermal compression effect, neodymium magnet system and octagonal die-cast aluminum frames for more compact, lightweight cabinets.

“These new 10” and 12” drivers are great alternatives for small sized, compact full-range speakers and line array modules, where size, weight, and energy consumption demands are no excuse for sonic performance and sound pressure,” says the company.

Both woofers are rated at 500 watts (AES) program power at 8 ohms with 98/97 dB 1W/1m sensitivity. Full specifications, including Thiele-Small parameters for the new drivers are now available on the company’s website. You can read the full characterization of the 10N501 model in Voice Coil’s Test Bench, January 2016.

Located in Bila Tserkva, in the Kiev region, Ukraine, MAG (Magnet, Ltd.) was founded in 1989, specializing in the production and repair of cone speakers, with its main production facility built a year later. In 1993, MAG exported its first batch of loudspeakers. Since then, MAG has been shipping its products to several different countries and, since 1995, MAG transducers have been assembled exclusively using components from Dr. Kurt Mueller GmbH and U-Sonics in Malaysia. MAG professional transducers include a range of cone loudspeakers with sizes from 6” to 21”, plus 1”, 1.4”, 1.5” and 2” high-frequency drivers and coaxial drivers. MAG currently has 120 employees and a 30,000-ft2 production facility. About 60% of MAG production is exported.
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