BMS Speakers Introduces New Coaxial Drivers and Next Generation 1" Compression Drivers

May 1 2019, 00:50
BMS Speakers introduced several new drivers at the Prolight+Sound 2019 show in Frankfurt, some still in prototype stage, others ready to enter production. Among the drivers now confirmed to be released are two new patented coaxial designs, including BMS' first 10" coaxial driver, the 10C262, and a new 12" coaxial transducer, the 12C382. Also new are the company's next generation 1" compression drivers, the BMS 5530 and 5531, taking BMS' ultra-low intermodulation distortion ring diaphragm to a new standard in size to output ratio, and providing the lowest crossover available at that size.

Founded in 1994 and located in Hanover, Germany, BMS Speakers is a leading designer and OEM manufacturer of highest quality transducers, used by both professional speaker and high-end companies globally. Over the years, BMS has amassed a series of patented designs and a large portfolio of advanced transducer technologies, recognized for its precision and reliability. Among those are unique patented compression drivers and the remarkable Dual Diaphragm Coaxial Planar Wave Driver, as well as a series of ultra-low distortions mid- and low-frequency drivers, which can be found in many products from renowned professional audio brands.

Almost all parts of the BMS drivers are produced in the company's own factories to ensure extensive control of results. That includes voice coil winding, diaphragm forming, CNC machining, etc., all made internally by highly qualified professionals. Every single driver is systematically tested to strict standards to ensure reliability and consistency, and the fact that the entire manufacturing process takes place in BMS's own factories also contributes to substantial reductions in cost and production flexibility.

Over the years, BMS created a large portfolio of coaxial neodymium drivers, from 5" to 15" sizes on the low-frequency side, ferrite versions of those coaxials, and even two triaxial neodymium designs which can power single point source coherent conical dispersion speakers with precise directivity. For 2019, BMS Speakers introduced two new 10" and 12 coaxial drivers, including the brand's first 10" size. The 10C262 is a powerful coaxial transducer, employing a two-layered 2.5" Copper Clad Aluminum Sandwich voice coil in the low frequency motor, as well as a 1.75" ring radiator for the high frequencies. The combination is perfectly suited for use in compact 2-way-systems. Furthermore, BMS added a new 12" coaxial model to the portfolio, the 12C382.

The 10C262 features a 96 dB sensitivity at 1W/1m, 400W + 80W power handling (AES) and uses a double treated cone for water protection, combined with a triple aluminum demodulating ring and a lightweight carbon fiber diaphragm. The design allows a single point source providing a coherent wavefront, capable of very high SPL without compromising the sound quality, optimal for a compact 2-way system.

The 12C382 12" coaxial model features an impressive 98 dB sensitivity (1W/1m) with 500W + 80W power handling (AES), and uses a 3" copper sandwich voice coil and a double treated cone for water protection with triple aluminum demodulating rings and a lightweight carbon fiber diaphragm. BMS will offer the 12C383 and 12C381 models with different power handlings (higher and lower) with slightly modified voice coil depths for the same size, enabling speaker designers to optimize their designs. including different reflex enclosure sizes.

1-Inch Compression Drivers
Employing all unique BMS technologies like the ultra-low intermodulation distortion ring diaphragm, very high efficiency and a 44mm sandwich voice coil in an ultra-compact format, the new BMS 5530ND and 5531ND compression drivers set a new standard in size to output ratio and provide the lowest crossover available at that size, the brand explains.

The BMS 5530ND and 5531ND compression drivers both use the company's unique patented design that combines a neodymium magnet assembly, polyester diaphragm, and 44.4 mm copper clad aluminum sandwich in- and outside voice coil with Kapton former, offering a 113 dB sensitivity (1W/1m) with an extended high frequency response up to 20 kHz in a ver small size and low weight, in 8 or 16 Ohm configurations.

With these two new designs from BMS, loudspeaker system designers can create new products with no compromise, while reducing size, weight and cost of the driver components. That includes new line arrays and beam steering systems, which will benefit from the reduced 72mm outside diameter to create very tight, high-output arrays and deliver maximum output in minimal height. As BMS explains, when multiple 5530/5531 drivers are closely mounted, the recommended crossover drops to 850Hz.

"Because of their small size the BMS 5530ND and 5531ND are the only solution to create high output beam steering systems with perfect directivity control, low crossover of 850Hz and 72mm acoustical distance between sources. In fact the recommended crossover is one octave lower than other drivers in this category while the maximum output is 4-6dB higher," BMS states. This allows to design high output loudspeaker systems, including high quality point sources, powerful line arrays and vertical beam-steering columns with high fidelity, high resolution sound and perfect directivity, reducing size, weight and cost.

New Mid-Low Drivers
BMS Speakers also unveiled pre-production units of the new 15N835, and 15S325/15S305 ultra-low distortion low midrange drivers, with 1100W and 800W AES power handling ratings with 98dB sensitivity measured at 1W/1m, respectively. The 15N835 uses a 4" copper sandwich voice coil for low power compression, neodymium magnet, triple aluminum demodulating rings, lightweight carbon fibre diaphragm, and double treated cone in a sturdy cast aluminum basket, optimized for high output subwoofers. The 15S325/15S305 models have similar specifications, but rated for 800W power AES and using a 3" copper sandwich voice coil.
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