New FaitalPro HF1440 Compression Driver Extends Frequency Response and Power in a Compact Format

April 10 2019, 00:35
As previously reported, FaitalPRO attended Prolight+Sound 2019 in full force and with many new products to unveil, all with great appeal for the professional audio market. The renowned Italian manufacturer of professional loudspeakers announced several new low frequency drivers, as well as the HF1440, a new 1.4" high-power neodymium compression driver that is now a top of the range product in the brand's catalog, joining an already outstanding series of really compact high frequency drivers.

Faital S.p.a., the well known Italian company based in Milan, has been producing high-quality loudspeakers for 61 years and has won numerous international awards in the TV, Public Address, OEM and Automotive sectors. The FaitalPRO division shares the same passion and since 2006, has been producing loudspeakers that are highly considered in pro-audio markets.

The HF1440 is FaitalPro's neodymium "jewel," as the company describes. A new driver that will amaze and please, offering hi-level performance in surprisingly contained dimensions. Its magnetic field guarantees optimum control over the dedicated annular diaphragm even at low frequencies. The combination of these elements gives a smooth response over a wide frequency range offering more solutions to acoustic designers. It's a perfect choice for the new generation of high-power line arrays giving a consistent natural sound.

FaitalPro produces a series of lightweight compression drivers with very compact dimensions which allow weight reduction as well as a close spacing in compact size cabinets. This translates into an obvious advantage in the professional market of sound reinforcement, and for high-class universal use in touring and fixed installations. The new FaitalPRO HF1440 translates perfectly that briefing, as a new compact but powerful 1.4" neodymium compression driver.

"The new HF1440 is a completely new compression driver, very powerful, with a 3.4" (86 mm) voice coil. With this model, we are now facing a market area that has been completely unexplored so far for FaitalPro. It covers a fairly wide frequency range from 700 Hz to 20 kHz, allowing it to be used as a high-power driver in any traditional application, including two-way acoustic systems. Its very linear frequency response gives a neutral and natural sound, capable of obtaining a very high sound quality," explains Flavio Naggi, sales and marketing manager of FaitalPro.

The neodymium magnet circuit using a 3.4" coil classifies it as a large driver. Nonetheless the external dimensions make it surprisingly compact for a driver which has a 1.4" throat with an efficiency of 109 dB. The diaphragm carries over some technological choices common to other consolidated FaitalPro drivers and is a polymeric type, precisely a Ketone polymer. Developed to ensure an unparalleled response to transients, it is able to withstand high continuous power, up to 120W AES, corresponding to 240W of maximum power.

The HF1440 compression driver was designed to operate at a minimum crossover frequency of 700 Hz, but reaching frequencies so low that it facilitates a perfect matching with a woofer. This makes it possible to use it directly even in a two-way configuration as well as a three-way with a midrange. And it was designed with great attention to detail using FEM simulation so as to withstand the important mechanical excursions related to low frequencies.

According to FaitalPro, the magnet assembly is made of higher quality neodymium with an innovative geometry that makes it particularly powerful and guarantees a high induction or flux density in the air gap at 2.2 Tesla. The manufacturer also recommends the use of this product with the FaitalPRO horn LTH142 or the FaitalPRO WG141 waveguide.

"The peculiarity of this new HF1440 compression driver is to allow the user to set the crossover at a relatively low frequency and at the same time, easily extend the frequency response up to 20kHz. We recommend it for use in line array systems, especially in the new generations of lighter and more compact enclosures. It is ideal in high power acoustic systems as well as in classic two-way PA systems," Flavio Naggi concludes.
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