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Supplemental Material (previously available on CD): Loudspeaker Design Cookbook
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11/14 Build a Powerful Tube Amplifier Gerhard Haas
8/14 Audio Spectrum Display Design Larry Cicchinelli
6/14 Build an FM-Stereo Generator George Adamidis


8/12 A 50-W BJT Stereo Amplifier Sam Dulaney
8/12 "PI" Design - A DIY Pre-Amplifier Interface Robert Nance Dee
5/12 An Audiophile's Battery Tube Amp - supplemental information Robert Nance Dee
4/12 Hybrid Electrostatic Loudspeakers Constructed with a Twist Charlie Mimbs
2/12 The 5002 Project - supplemental information Robert Nance Dee


12/11 Correction to Figure 5 (p. 30): "The Willow Preamp" Robert Nance Dee gain_stage__rev3.pdf
11/11 Class D Technology for Home Use Table: "The Abletec Class D Amplifier" Wim de Haan ClassD_Tech_4_home_use-TABLE.pdf
9/11 Additional information: “Impedance Matching Transformers for Ribbon Speakers" Angel Rivera Impedance Angel Rivera - Rivera_Updates_AX_9-11.pdf
8/11 ECC99 Excel spreadsheet too: "Designing Amps for Maximum Linearity with the ECC99" Rudy Godmaire ecc99designer.xls


9/10 Clean Sound from the Drainpipe 8 from Popular Electronics, June 1962 David Weems Weems Drainpip 8.pdf
8/10 Additional Figures: "The Metz Preamp" Reinhard Metz Main board layout.jpg
Control and switch board.jpg
LED board.jpg
Preamp firmware high-level flowchart.jpg
6/10 PCB patters used to contruct the crossover filters, and parts placement: "A Three-Way Tri-Amp Center-Channel System" Andreas Schilloff Schilloff PCB
3/10 XLS files: "A Power Supply Spreadsheet" Paul J. Stamler PowerSupply60Hz.xls


11/09 Color Figures (Fig. 4-6): "Distortion Meter" Ed Simon Simon3126_fig4.jpg
11/09 Audio tracks: "The Essex Echo: Audio According to Hawksford, Pt. 1" Jan Didden Hawksford Jitter
10/09 Datasheet: "paX Protection System, Part 3" Jan Didden Didden3123 Datashhet.pdf
9/09 paX Amplifier Construction Guide: "paX, Part 2" Jan Didden Didden3038 Guide.pdf
8/09 Circuit boards: "Maintaining Your Balance, Part 2" Thomas M. Perazella Perazella3083 Figure 2.pdf
Perazella3083 Figure 3.pdf
Perazella3083 Figure 4.pdf Perazella3083 Figure 5.pdf
7/09 Rebuilding a Cheap Chinese EL84 Amp Merlin Blencowe Blencowe2996.pdf
7/09 Feedback loop set up: "Setting Feedback On the Mullard 20" Pierre Touzelet Feedback loop set up on the Mullard 20 W.doc
6/09 Design and Measurement Of a Dipole Microphone Mark Williamsen Williamson3063.pdf Measurement Tips
5/09 ezDAC Claudio Negro Negro3051.pdf
4/09 Modding the Music Hall CD25.2 CD Player Kit Ryan Ryan3050.pdf
3/09 Excel application for calculation of Vg1T/U : "Vg1 Correlations" Rudy Godmaire Vg1 Correlations.xls
2/09 A De-Emphasis Test CD Gary Galo Galo3025.pdf
2/09 Noise Measurements of the LSK389B Dual JFET Dennis Colin Colin2993.pdf
1/09 Tri-Way PC boards and parts list: "Tri-Way Low Voltage Supply Part 1" Paul J. Stamler stamler3006_fig4a.pdf
Tri Way Worked Examples Parts lists.xls
1/09 Show Reports: The Munich Hi-End Show 2008, The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, Burning Amplifier 2008 Jan Didden Didden_Munich.pdf


12/08 Printed circuit boards: "An Automated Level Control" J.R. Laughlin PCB_1.pdf
10/08 Figures 3 & 4: "A Beginner 6BQ5 SE Amp" Rick Spencer Spencer2957_fig3.pdf
10/08 An Isolation Transformer, Part 3 Ed Simon Simon2945.pdf
10/08 Testing Loudspeaker: Which Measurements Matter, Part 1 Joseph D’Appolito D'Appolito2960.pdf
9/08 Testing Loudspeakers: Which Measurements Matter, Part 1 Joseph D’Appolito D'Appolito2959.pdf
9/08 More Box, Less Sawdust Mark Rumreich Rumreich2964.pdf
9/08 A Line-Cleaning Filter, Part 2 Ed Simon Simon2944.pdf
8/08 An On-Peak Power Supply, Part 1 Ed Simon Simon2943.pdf
7/08 A Belt-Drive Turntable Upgrade Gary Galo Galo2931.pdf
7/08 A Graphical Evaluation of Harmonic Distortion in Valves Pierre Touzelet Touzelet2917.pdf
6/08 A Multiple "Wall-Wart" Power Supply Ron Tipton Tipton2926.pdf
6/08 Is SACD Doomed? Gary Galo Galo2941.pdf
5/08 Valve (Tube) Regulated Power Supplies Terry Bicknell Bicknell2890.pdf
5/08 The Sidewoofer Line Array Ken Bird Bird2483.pdf
5/08 The Mighty Midget Pete Millet Millet2903.pdf
4/08 Horn Theory: An Introduction, Part 2 Bjørn Kolbrek Kolbrek2885.pdf
4/08 Everything You Wanted to Know About SPL Meters Ethan Winer Winer2901.pdf
3/08 Soldering: A Tutorial Ed Simon Simon2894.pdf
3/08 Horn Theory: An Introduction, Part 1 Bjørn Kolbrek Kolbrek2884.pdf
3/08 Figure 12: "The Noise (Analysis) Machine" Jack Walton Walton2905_fig12.pdf
3/08 Circuit Board Basics: "Amp6" J.R. Laughlin Laughlin2887cb.pdf
2/08 AES Multi-Tracks in New York 2007, Part 1 David J. Weinberg Weinberg2906.pdf
1/08 In Praise of Wall Warts Paul J. Stamler Stamler2874.pdf
1/08 A Hybrid High-Fidelity Power Amplifier Bill Christie Christie_fig4.pdf
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