XMOS Introduces New Voice Processor and Far-Field Voice Development Kit for Amazon AVS

July 24 2019, 00:35
UK-based XMOS launched its next generation voice processor — the XVF3510. The 2-mic voice processor boasts all the performance of a 4-mic solution, and will be available at a market-leading cost of $0.99 per unit, paving the way for mass market implementation. The new processor is now available as part of a new development kit, optimized for far-field applications in TVs and set-top boxes, which allows manufacturers to embed Alexa or other voice engines into their products.

XMOS is a leading supplier of voice and audio solutions to the consumer electronics market with a unique silicon architecture and highly differentiated software solutions. XMOS now announced its VocalFusion dev kit for Amazon AVS, a far-field 2-mic solution optimized for smart TVs and set-top boxes. The new dev kit is based on the XMOS XVF3510 voice processor, which delivers a big performance at a market leading unit cost of $0.99 (on orders over one million units a year - for smaller orders, prices start at $1.39), enabling manufacturers to embed a voice interface into mass-market smart TVs and set-top boxes economically.

Working intelligently to analyze the acoustic environment, XMOS technology identifies and isolates a voice command from every other sound in the room (including any media streaming through the device itself), enabling far-field voice capture with close range precision. “Purpose-built for modern living spaces, XMOS’ next generation acoustic algorithms produce a compelling experience in far-field voice control, opening the door to a more natural conversation with technology,” the company states.

The new processor supports XMOS algorithms, which include a Stereo Acoustic Echo Canceller that suppresses unwanted speaker echo and enables barge-in; an Interference Canceller that nulls point noise sources to cancel out unwanted background noise; and the company’s Adaptive Delay Estimator that dynamically adjusts audio reference signal latency, ensuring the Acoustic Echo Cancellation algorithms deliver a smooth, real-time experience.

“The recent uptake and demand for devices featuring voice assistants has continued to surge,” says Simon Bryant, Research Director at Futuresource Consulting. “The strong adoption in multimedia and entertainment is expected to continue and this new device from XMOS addresses what manufacturers who want to add far-field voice control to their product lines will be looking for.”

“Giving people the freedom to control the TV with their voice from anywhere in the room, is a more natural experience - you simply tell your TV what you want to watch,” adds Mark Lippett, CEO, XMOS. “Our new far-field voice processor gives developers an easy to implement solution, at a very compelling price.”

The new development kit from XMOS is available now and it will be available in distribution at the end of August 2019.
For more information, visit: xmos.com/xvf3510avs
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