WiSA Introduces “WiSA Endorsed” Designation for Amplifiers

December 19 2018, 00:50
WiSA, the (Wireless Speaker and Audio) Association, an industry group composed of over 40 leading brands including founding member Summit Wireless Technologies, introduces "WiSA Endorsed" for audio amplifiers designed for use in today’s powered home audio speakers. This new designation coincides with the launch of member brand Infineon Technologies MERUS MA12070 4-26V ultra-efficient audio amplifier which is the first amplifier to receive the endorsement. 

Amplifier solutions with the WiSA Endorsed designation will be designed into a complete powered speaker solution that has passed WiSA Certification. These WiSA Endorsed amplifiers can then be designed into products by audio brands and manufacturers with confidence as they pursue WiSA certification.

“We are proud to announce the MERUS amplifier solution from WiSA member, Infineon Technologies, as the first WiSA Endorsed amplifier,” says Tony Ostrom, president of WiSA. “This program will be instrumental in driving our mission forward by helping simplify the process of developing WiSA Certified products with an array of readily available WiSA Endorsed components.”

The WiSA Endorsed MERUS MA12070 IC is powered by Infineon’s ultra-efficient switching amplifier multi-level technology. Operating from a fixed power supply voltage, the amplifier drastically reduces power losses at normal audio listening levels and provides outstanding audio quality. The MA12070 also eliminates the need for an external LC output filter with most applications.

“We are very excited that our innovative integrated multi-level amplifier ICs are being recognized for their exceptional audio quality,” says Jens Tybo Jensen, Head of Marketing and Application Engineering for Class D Audio at Infineon. “It is a great honor to be the first company to receive the WiSA Endorsed designation, and we are proud of this recognition by WiSA as we are aware that this is an important quality stamp for an increasing range of audio manufacturers around the world.”

The WiSA Association and its members are committed to revolutionizing the home entertainment experience by delivering wireless, uncompressed, high-definition, multichannel sound according to the universal standards established and certified by the WiSA Association.
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