Sonavox, Lithe Audio, Zinwell, and Heavenly Soundworks Adopt WiSA Wireless Audio Standard

March 6 2020, 00:20
Sonavox, Lithe Audio, Zinwell, and Heavenly Soundworks Adopt WiSA Wireless Audio Standard
Sonavox, Lithe Audio, Zinwell, and Heavenly Soundworks Adopt WiSA Wireless Audio Standard
WiSA LLC, the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association, founded by Summit Wireless Technologies and already supported by over 60 leading consumer electronics brands, now announced four new manufacturing and brand members, including Sonavox, Lithe Audio (RetroTouch), Zinwell Corporation, and Heavenly Soundworks. The momentum for the WiSA technology is also supported by increasing consumer interest in the broad range of WiSA Certified products already available in the market.

“Our four new members are among the latest CE leaders and manufacturers who are committed to helping us usher-in the future of wireless audio for home entertainment,” says Tony Ostrom, president of WiSA. “We’re excited to see an increasing number of innovators from around the world adopting the WiSA standard to bring wireless, high definition audio solutions to consumers across the globe. As our membership expands, 2020 has already seen a significant number of new WiSA Certified and WiSA Ready products come to market with many more expected.”

Founded in 1977, Sonavox ( has a rich history spanning multiple markets, including medical, military, automotive, consumer, and professional audio with expertise in research, development, design, and manufacturing, as well as powerful strategic alignments. Sonavox is a global presence in the audio industry with R&D, design, manufacturing, and sales facilities across Asia, Europe, North America and Brazil. Today, Sonavox is one of the largest loudspeaker manufacturers in the world, uniquely positioned in today’s increasingly complex marketplace.

Lithe Audio ( is a UK Company that designs, manufactures and sells a range of high quality, innovative and discreet audio and visual products such as active ceiling speakers, wall speakers, wireless garden speakers and motorized TV wall mounts - all for both commercial and residential applications. All Lithe Audio products are designed in-house to ensure that they are state-of-the-art and deliver superb sound quality.

Founded in 1981, Zinwell ( is a large manufacturer from Taiwan, solidly established as a provider of Digital Cable / Satellite / Terrestrial, Broadcast and Broadband Communication systems, as well as IPTV, and Wireless TV receivers. Being a leading enterprise with extensive technical know-how, matched by development and manufacturing capabilities, Zinwell has discreetly laid the groundwork for long-term development.

Heavenly Soundworks ( designs and manufactures high-end, powered loudspeaker systems aimed at providing the ultimate audio experience in the easiest way possible. Heavenly Soundworks products combine hi-fi audio performance with the latest technology available to create a fully integrated solution for the consumer.

Growing Consumer Interest
The WiSA Association also reported noticeable growth in consumer interest, during the fourth quarter of 2019 and continuing into first quarter 2020. “We believe that consumer interest in WiSA Certified technology is increasing noticeably,” says Tony Ostrom. “As more products are launched and complete solutions are available, consumers are learning about what constitutes “immersive sound” and how WiSA Certified offerings compare to similarly priced soundbars. With the simplicity of setting up a WiSA Certified system, it’s easier than ever to enjoy an immersive sound environment. Based on the increase in website traffic and the length of time a visitor spends on the website, we believe our website is serving as an educational portal for our certified brands, providing a wealth of information for their consumers.”

The Association also reported a growing number of visitors to the organization website. For the 2019 holiday season, major well-known brands, including LG, Harman (a division of Samsung), Klipsch, Enclave Audio, Platin Audio, System Audio, Primare, Savant, Bang and Olufsen, and Axiim, began marketing WiSA Certified products. The 5.1 immersive surround sound systems with price points ranging from $499 to $15,000+, are being marketed and positioned to a very broad range of consumers, which is leading to the increased WiSA website traffic. |
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