Scan-Speak Expands Product Catalog with New Revelator Dome Tweeter and Classic Midwoofer

February 7 2020, 01:30
Scan-Speak announced two new drivers, each one strategically filling a gap in one of the brand's driver families. On the higher frequency range, Scans-Speak launched the Revelator 19 mm Dome Tweeter, D2104/712000, featuring the company's patented Symmetrical Drive (SD-2) motor, with a neodymium ring magnet system with double vent and coated textile diaphragm. The other driver is a brand new 15 cm midwoofer, the 15W/8534T00, expanding the established Classic line.

Scan-Speak's Revelator family is the brand's most extensive driver line and now it became even broader with the introduction of a new 20 mm (3/4") tweeter. Deriving directly from the larger sibling D2904/7100, the Revelator 19 mm Dome Tweeter D2104/712000 features a a large Neodymium ring symmetrical drive magnet system, non-resonant rear chamber, large roll-surround and sleek design with machined anodized aluminum faceplate. The idea, as Scan-Speak explains, was to offer a smaller tweeter to obtain improved directivity. And yet, the D2104/712000 maintains the relatively high compliance despite the smaller size and frequency response to above 40 kHz.

The large roll surround technology of the Revelator family of tweeters represents a breakthrough in overall performance, with outstanding off-axis response, high output capability and low resonance frequency. A large neodymium magnet system for high sensitivity is part of the design. Additional enhancements have been made to reduce distortion and dynamic compression, such as a careful design to optimize airflow in the chambers.
Jann Evers, Scan-Speak sales director introduced the new Classic 5.5-ich midwoofer to J.Martins from audioXpress and Voice Coil magazines at the Eastech Group's suite during CES 2020. 
Classic 15W/8534T00 Midwoofer
Completely new for 2020, is a brand new 5.5" (15 cm) midwoofer in Scan-Speak's Classic line that was shown for the first time at the recent CES 2020 show in Las Vegas. As a member of the Classic family, the 15W/8534T00 features the well-known Symmetrical Drive design with copper in the magnet system and Los-Loss-Linear suspension, also featuring a new Phenomax cone which Scan-Speak says has shown excellent properties in stiffness and damping. 

The new 15W/8534T00 fills a long lasting gap in the Classic family, where there never was a 5.5" driver. Rated for 60 W (100W long-term max power) at 8 Ω, with a sensitivity of 85.5 dB (2.83V/1m), the design is based on the principles of the praised Scan-Speak 18W/8545 midwoofer, continuing the same tradition with a slim frame aluminum chassis, symmetrical drive motor system, low loss linear rubber suspension and updated in the new model with a brand new cone material called Phenomax. The Phenomax cone is made using 5 layers of the material with different properties. This multilayer structure incorporates alternating hard- and damping thin films (a Kevlar/Carbon-Fiber mix combined with Resin layers, etc.).

Founded in Denmark in 1970, Scan-Speak is one of the world's most renowned driver manufacturers, with an extensive catalog of products for high-end audio, automotive and DIY applications, and an impressive number of OEM/ODM clients, including well-recognized top-tier brands. Scan-Speak operates as an independent company in the Eastech Group and continues its tradition of Danish development and manufacturing at the company's facility in Videbaek, Denmark. |
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