Scan-Speak Unveils New Ellipticor D2404/552000 1" Dome Tweeter

December 21 2020, 01:10
Scan-Speak has saved some last minutes surprises to end the year of the company's 50th anniversary in full force. The Danish engineering team just unveiled a new Ellipticor driver, expanding the rapidly growing family with the new Ellipticor D2404/552000 dome tweeter. This latest addition offers an impressive set of specifications according to the released datasheet, and should strongly motivate many speaker designers targeting high-end designs.

The Scan-Speak Ellipticor family broke a long tradition of circular motor structures and their inherent breakup behavior traditionally used in transducers by adopting an elliptical diaphragm and motor structure. Benefiting from te corresponding elliptical voice coil and magnet gap as one of its key design features, the new D2404/552000 dome tweeter combines the brand's SD AirCirc magnet system with 8 powerful neodymium magnets providing a powerful control of the transducer’s behavior to enable high sensitivity, very low distortion, and an extremely fast response to transients. 

The new member of the Ellipticor family is a textile dome tweeter with an asymmetric large roll surround that continues the design style from its larger sibling D3404/552000 with the difference that the D2404’s diaphragm size of 20 by 28mm is equivalent to a 24mm (1") circular dome. The tweeter also shows excellent dispersion characteristics, with a high frequency extension to well beyond 30 kHz.

To the already detailed set of benefits of an elliptic voice coil, Scan-Speak underlines low mechanical losses and an high frequency extension beyond 30 kHz as key features of the new D2404/552000 tweeter. Unsurprisingly, the company goes as far as stating this will be now "one of the very best tweeters on the market!"

"The D2404 represents some of the finest music reproduction available. We have taken care to maintain the qualities of the larger D34 with a magnet system powerful enough to have ample headroom together with the carefully vented iron parts, copper ring and just enough damping to control the response without destroying an excellent transient behavior," Scan-Speak says.

Esthetically, the D2404 shares the same look as other members of the Ellipticor family, with a black anodized aluminum face plate, without any visible mounting screws on its front due to its detachable décor ring. And as the Danish company also details, with a recommended frequency range starting at 3kHz, the D2404 is a perfect match as a tweeter in 2-way designs with 15 cm or 18 cm midbass drivers, especially when matched with the Ellipticor 18WE midwoofer, or utilized as an upper tweeter in a multi way design with the Ellipticor D3404 as the lower tweeter.
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