Scan-Speak Announces New Large-Size Ellipticor Woofer 38WE/8582T00

November 17 2020, 11:10
In the year when Scan-Speak celebrates its 50th anniversary, it seems the Danish engineering team is keeping R&D busy and getting to roll out a series of exciting new products. audioXpress was aware that new Ellipticor drivers were on the way, and now we received the confirmation of the first announcement, a large-size woofer (38 cm - 15") with paper cone and SD AirCirc neodymium magnet system. The new Ellipticor 38WE/8582T00 woofer offers surprisingly good specs, as was to be expected!

The Scan-Speak Ellipticor family has broken a long tradition of circular motor structures and their inherent breakup behavior, since one of its key features is an elliptical voice coil and magnet gap, helping to suppress cone modes (a source of coloration). And the Ellipticor family continues to grow. In combination with the powerful SD (Symmetric Drive) AirCirc magnet system pioneered by Scan-Speak engineers, the 38WE displays high sensitivity, very low distortion, and has an extremely fast response to transients - in common with other Ellipticor drivers. Above all, they sate, it reveals a "True To Life" sound which makes 38WE/8582T00 "one of the very best woofers on the market!"

Given that we are talking about one of the most respected transducer brands in high end audio circles, and that this driver is part of the Ellipticor family, that should be reason for excitement, extending the response generated by the existing Ellipticor 21WE/8542T00 midwoofer.

The new 15" Ellipticor 38WE/8582T00 woofer is built on the same principles as its smaller siblings 18WE and 21WE, sharing the same design principles of an elliptically shaped voice coil and magnet gap. Key features for the new woofer are the effectiveness of the motor structure in this particular range of frequencies, minimizing circular cone break-up modes. The SD AirCirc magnet system with 12 powerful neodymium magnets provides a powerful control of the transducer’s behavior. And the linear suspension with coated multi-roll fabric surround, combines with the black anodized aluminum ring, to deliver a sleek appearance, without any visible mounting screws.

Of course, the Scan-Speak 38WE offers outstanding bass performance due to the combination of the Ellipticor design with its light rigid paper cone, low-loss-linear-suspension and a very powerful magnet system, allowing for the combination of sensitivity (SPL) and dynamic transient response, unusual for a big, low distortion high-end woofer. In a multiway loudspeaker system, this woofer holds the potential to offer "an attack and a presence in the low frequency range seldom heard from a driver this size," the company adds.
And there's more to come in the Ellipticor and other product ranges from Scan-Speak because this is an exciting and significant year for the brand, celebrating its 50th Anniversary. 

"We’re sure that our founder, Ejvind Skaaning, would be both surprised and very proud that his vision of producing customized loudspeaker drivers has led to the half century legacy that is Scan-Speak. There are not many brands that have such longevity and we are proud to be part of such an exclusive group." The company amassed notable achievements while also surviving many challenges over the years, and today's engineering team shows respect for that heritage, while continuing to innovate with new cutting edge designs.
Jann Evers, Scan-Speak sales director (right) with Dennis Hansen (center) and Simon Møller Nielsen (left), the two acoustical engineers responsible for the new Scan-Speak Ellipticor designs.
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