ROOM Launches New Modular Purpose-Built Post-COVID Workspaces

September 1 2020, 00:30
ROOM, a startup company reimagining the post-COVID-19 workspaces, announced the expansion of its product portfolio with a suite of new modular architectural solutions designed to meet the crucial demand for adaptability and flexibility in the office. The Meeting Room, Open Meeting Room, and Focus Room are purpose-built modular solutions for focused work or collaboration, both in-person and virtual, offering a smarter, sustainable, and flexible alternative to fixed construction and traditional office design.

In the wake of the COVID crisis, companies are searching for ways to bring workers back to the office safely while ensuring that their investments last beyond the pandemic. ROOM is pioneering a future where expensive and wasteful construction is replaced by modular architecture with simple, functional design that fits into any space. 

The company's first large-format solutions were designed to provide a better way for people to collaborate from anywhere. Because after the experience of having workforces working from home and collaborating remotely, people are going to want to work from anywhere, the same way as they were doing successfully from home. And when moving out of home, people are still going to need communication spaces from where to collaborate with others staying at home or anywhere. Office spaces will need more flexibility to comply with safety precautions, and ROOM's Meeting Room, Open Meeting Room and Focus Room are designed to quickly readapt existing office spaces.

ROOM also partnered with Jabra to equip its Meeting Room and Open Meeting Room with communication solutions such as the Jabra PanaCast camera, offering 180-degree video conferencing capabilities, designed to mimic in-person collaboration. The Meeting Room and Open Meeting Room are available in a Pro model – which comes equipped with the Jabra PanaCast – as well as a Standard model, featuring a fully equipped whiteboard.

These modular rooms can facilitate private one-on-ones, as well as larger connects, collaborative discussions, and video-conferencing, while the Focus Room offers a comfortable, private space to concentrate on the task at hand. Additional features and enhancements include acoustically insulated walls made from recycled PET and engineered to reduce noise by 28dB. Silent fans in the roof and air inlets behind the sofas keep the air inside fresh at all times. All air inside is replenished every 60 seconds, 5x that of a traditional conference room. Motion sensors automatically turn on and off the LED lights and ventilation fans. Users will also find custom rail for accessories like coat hooks and shelves, a built-in powerbox to hold cables in place for a clutter-free workspace, and wireless charging ensuring devices stay charged.

The expanded product suite offers a more affordable than traditional construction and can be positioned in various places throughout the office, or to an entirely new location as company and employee needs change alongside the global health crisis.

ROOM also announced Room Sense, its proprietary client portal that provides companies with real-time data about space utilization and density, empowering employers to make their workspaces as efficient as possible, and informing office re-entry phases in a safe and strategic way.

"In light of the pressures that the global pandemic has placed on offices, ROOM's vision of adaptive architecture is now more relevant than ever," says ROOM co-founder, Morten Meisner-Jensen. "We're building a future where data-driven, modular build-out replaces fixed construction to adapt to rapid change easily. Our inaugural product, the soundproof Phone Booth, introduced thousands of customers to the idea of flexible workspace environments, and we're excited to launch the Meeting Room and the Open Meeting Room to further our mission of creating the purpose-built workspaces of tomorrow. Our hope is that we can help businesses safely return to their offices and inspire a better way to work through affordable, sustainable, and flexible solutions."

The Meeting Room and Open Meeting Room are now available for purchase and will begin shipping in November. ROOM ships all products flat-packed directly to businesses for seamless delivery and assembly on-site, allowing companies to shape and reshape their work environment with ease. The Meeting Room is priced at $15,995 for the Standard model and $17,995 for the Pro model, while the Open Meeting Room costs $13,995 for the Standard model and $15,995 for the Pro model. The Focus Room will be available for purchase this November, with deliveries beginning Winter 2020.

Launched in May 2018 by serial entrepreneurs Morten Meisner-Jensen and Brian Chen, ROOM is backed by Slow Ventures, alongside notable VC firms and angel investors from Silicon Valley. ROOM is already building workplaces for over 3,000 clients ranging from budding startups to Fortune 500 companies, including Nike, J.P. Morgan, Google, and Salesforce.
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