RHA Launches TrueConnect 2 Second Generation True Wireless Earbuds

July 9 2020, 09:00
When Scottish brand RHA introduced its first true wireless design, in October 2018, the TrueConnect earbuds surprised everyone for the unique look with a subtle stem design and very high-quality feel, paired with what was then one of the best sounding wireless earbuds. A remarkable feat. Apparently, RHA was quick to understand that such a booming product segment required also a fast-moving strategy, and the brand has now announced TrueConnect 2, updating all critical specifications to be able to compete.

The consumer electronics market can be brutal for manufacturers. But the second generation RHA TrueConnect true wireless earbuds tick all the right boxes. They received a new chip Bluetooth 5 that improves Bluetooth pairing and connectivity, helping also to improve battery life, now providing 44 hours (9+35) of use. Even while keeping the design identical, including the signature flip charging case with USB-C, the earbuds now feature improved capacitive touch controls helping to activate and interact with digital assistants, and are now dust, sweat and splash resistant (IP55 rated). RHA also explains their engineering team was able to refine the sound signature with more power from the same 6mm dynamic driver, while keeping the call quality with its noise reducing microphones positioned at the end of both stems.

All these updates are critical to keep the RHA TrueConnects competitive in the category, where literally all manufacturers have been updating their designs with improved specifications and new brands from China have flooded the market with products at record low prices. RHA had already been forced to discount the original model, and has now confirmed that the new and improved TrueConnect 2 true wireless earbuds will be available online and in-store from $149.95 (US), which is excellent value, and considering RHA offers an international three-year guarantee.

In fact, with the sound quality of these earbuds, and now nine hours of playtime before charging, the TrueConnect 2 is an extremely convincing alternative for users who mainly want to enjoy music listening anywhere they go and are not interested in  active noise cancelling and signal processing features. The TrueConnect 2 earbuds ship with a large selection of eartips, allowing for excellent fitting and good passive noise cancellation. And sticking the discharged earbuds in the case for just 10 minutes gives over an hour of playback.

"We wanted to make a pair of earbuds that could be used for every part of our day – whether that’s commuting, working, exercising, or chilling on the couch. We’re really chuffed with how the TrueConnect 2 has turned out – same great design as before, and now built for more," says Colum Fraser, global marketing manager.

The TrueConnect 2 true wireless earbuds are available now in Carbon Black and Navy Blue finishes.
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