Resonado Announces Flat Core Speaker Licensing Partnership with Zylux

June 26 2020, 01:10
Audio technology startup Resonado just revealed its first major technology licensing partnership with original equipment and design manufacturing audio company, Zylux. Resonado's innovative and proprietary Flat Core Speaker (FCS) technology will be manufactured and initially incorporated into a range of Zylux designs within the soundbar category, with the expectation to expand into other Zylux produced audio products in the near future. This marks Resonado’s first integration of FCS technology into a wide range of consumer-facing audio-specific products.

"We are thrilled to initiate our biggest licensing agreement to date with such an established and respected leader in the audio space," says Resonado Co-Founder and CEO, Brian Youngil Cho. "Zylux offers outstanding end-to-end product development including expert design capabilities, effective integration of the latest advanced technologies, superior manufacturing processes and quality control, which are all of the best attributes we could look for in a licensing partner to help bring FCS technology to life."

Publicly unveiled by the South Bend, Indiana, -based company during CES 2020, FCS technology is a breakthrough electrodynamic speaker transducer engineered by Resonado as a fully scalable, sustainable alternative to conventional conical speaker drivers. The technology optimizes the quality and range of sound within a smaller space thanks to a unique aspect ratio, enabling design innovations across a wide range of applications. The agreement enables Zylux to develop, manufacture and integrate FCS technology into the products they produce for a range of well-known audio technology brands specifically within the soundbar industry.

"While our inaugural agreement is specific to our soundbars, we have every expectation that we will soon be integrating Resonado’s FCS technology into a range of our products," says Zylux President, Wyatt Briant. "Resonado’s FCS technology is poised to truly disrupt the audio industry and we are excited and proud to be at the forefront of this change, and looking forward to introducing new Zylux products in conjunction with Resonado."
A recent visualization of Resonado's NEO MID 5 FCS driver.

Zylux has global headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, and the U.S. in Irvine, California, with factories spread across Taiwan, South Korea, China and Vietnam. Founded and led by Herman Lu since 1980, the company offers end-to-end product development including expert design and development capabilities, effective integration of the latest advanced technology, superior manufacturing processes and quality control. “Zylux has a rich history of innovation and we look forward to working closely with them to further bolster their edge in the industry,” adds Youngil Cho.
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