Rembrandt Laboratories Patent-Pending Home Speaker Will Make You Cry

July 2 2018, 03:00
Rembrandt Laboratories is promoting its patent-pending speaker design Model V with the line "New Audio Technology with Sound So Beautiful, It Moves Listeners to Tears of Joy," claiming a level of realism that feels like the artist is in the room. Effectively, the outside of the Model V, in stained poplar tone wood, looks like one those early tube radios, but there's nothing vintage inside this active speaker, using a distributed mode planar driver with proprietary multiple internal tuned resonate chambers and bass reflex port.

Rembrandt Laboratories launched its Model V home speaker concept at The Home Entertainment Show (T.H.E. Show) held at the Marriott Irvine, June 1-3, 2018, also the first product and appearance from the company precisely based in Irvine, California. 
"My goal in designing the Model V was to create an emotional experience for listeners unlike anything currently on the market," says Ray Imblum, Founder, Rembrandt Laboratories. "Like a Rembrandt painting that makes you feel like you're stepping into the scene, our speakers offer the kind of performance that brings tears to your eyes, gets you to your feet in excitement, and takes you back to the moment when you first heard that song."
"During a live demo in a person's home, a woman asked to hear a musical piece called Pachebel’s Canon. She was so moved by what she heard, she cried. She explained that it was more beautiful than she had ever heard before," adds Imblum. "That is why we designed this speaker system. The listening experience becomes an emotional experience. You fall in love with your music like never before."
The reason, they explain, is due to the design of the Model V. Rembrandt Laboratories strategically employed a Distributed Mode driver and refined a new patent-pending resonance chamber technology reinforced internal damping to achieve its goals of realism. The speaker uses a woofer on top for the low frequencies, and a full-range distributed mode planar transducer (DMPT), combined with multiple internal tuned resonate chambers, the product of the company's research, to enhance the behavior of the bending waves phenomena in the planar driver. This patent-pending technology, the company says, "results in a product with superb realism, high fidelity, and great imaging," which is support by the well-behaved dispersion pattern.

The mid-century modern-inspired speaker system was created out of tulip popular — the same material used to create violins and cellos — while the substantial, cross-grain damped construction with no parallel walls helps avoid the “standing wave distortion” typical of square box speaker designs and brings out the tones of the sound. The tilted wall design and Helmholtz chamber is also inherently functional and advantageous from physics and acoustics principles. 
The cabinet uses a special “cross grain construction” method to further enhance its acoustic quality and damping with substantial internal bracing to form a very rigid structure. Each unit is "aged" with 100 hours of power-on play before shipping. "Like an instrument, the result is a vibrant, unrestricted sound wave that perfectly recreates the subtle details that take a performance from 'good' to 'unmissable'," they say.
Ray Imblum is a veteran electronic engineer, mechanical engineer, and physicist with 47 years of experience, designing products for DEC, NASA, AVID, Lockheed, and Raytheon. He used his wave theory physics to develop several Planar Audio drivers, Wave Guides, Resonators, Line Arrays and DSPs. He also won the Connect Program "Best High-Tech Product of the Year" award in 1996. The audio system he created for the military to alert personnel to danger was chosen as best product among 170 others reviewed.
The Rembrandt Model V speaker system has a built-in amplifier that is precisely matched to the speaker drivers and provides a plug and play form that is easy to set up and allows even smartphone sources to drive robust volume levels. Its unique elements ensure it fills the home with rich, detailed sound. The best part? The system is contained within two beautifully designed speakers, hand-made and assembled by craftsmen in southern California and is available for a fraction of the cost of most high-end home speaker systems. The Model V stereo speaker system is available for $3,500 and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.
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