Oberton Refines ND45 1" Exit Neodymium Compression Driver

August 18 2020, 10:10
Oberton has announced the company's latest 1-inch exist high neodymium frequency compression driver. The ND45 is an improved version of the company's ND2545 model, now incorporating a new phase plug, new dome with vented suspension and copper inductance ring, all aiming to improve its sound characteristics and ensure very low distortion at high sound levels. As Oberton highlights, the smooth impedance response of the ND45 in the crossover region will ensure perfect results with passive crossovers.

Rated for 80 watts continuous program power and working on a frequency range north of 1kHz, the new Oberton ND45 compression driver has been designed for applications where the highest quality is required. Its reduced weight and size make it preferable for high quality compact 2-way and line array designs. 

The Oberton ND45 incorporates a new radial slot Phase Plug that delivers very high sound pressure levels at the high end of its frequency response. The copper shortening ring of the ND45 ensures very low distortion at high sound levels and improves the linearity of impedance response also at its highest frequencies. The 1.75" diaphragm assembly in this new Oberton compression driver uses a specially formed sandwiched-polyester dome combined with vented suspension. This design, the Bulgaria-based company says, reduces basic resonance of the driver and offers linear impedance response in the crossover region, which ensures improved results when a speaker design depends upon passive crossovers. 

The voice coil in the ND45 is wound with CCAW (Copper Clad Aluminum Wire) on a high temperature Kapton former using special temperature resistant adhesives. The magnet assembly is designed with a powerful neodymium magnet which ensures 18.4 KGauss in the gap, providing better overall transient response of the driver. The voice coil assembly is easily field replaceable without soldering.

According to the customer requirements, the ND45 driver can be produced with a special high-quality epoxy electro-deposition coating on the neodymium magnet, top and back plates, which substantially improves the driver's corrosion resistance. Another sign of carefully thought design is the ND45's aluminum cover with ribs that guarantees improved heath dissipation, reducing power compression of the driver.

Based in Plovdiv, in the heart of Bulgaria, Oberton has been designing and manufacturing loudspeakers since 1989, helping its OEM clients to build products that meet or exceed the highest audio performance standards. The company is able to combine precision engineering in well-designed products using high-end technologies and materials, maintaining very competitive price levels. The extensive portfolio of pro audio products reflects well the company's experience in working with OEM/ODM clients from all over the world, while continuing to invest in research and innovation. This latest ND45 compression driver is another great example of Oberton's dedication to perfecting its developments.

The ND45, in combination with the H-960 PBT-PET 90°×60° constant directivity horn, is the subject of a Test Bench characterization in Voice Coil September 2020.
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