Nuheara Starts Shipping IQbuds Wireless Hearables

February 6 2017, 03:15
Australian company Nuheara Inc., makers of intelligent, truly wireless earbuds, launched its flagship product, IQbuds, at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, NV. More than simply targeting the convenience of truly wireless music listening, Nuheara IQbuds are a testament to the life changing benefits of assistive audio, allowing people to completely augment and control their audio environment to hear what they want to hear. And they want to be first to market...

Nuheara developed proprietary hardware and software to deliver multi-functional intelligent hearing technology that augments a user’s hearing and facilitates cable free connection to smart devices. With Nuheara’s IQbuds, users are able to augment their hearing according to their personal hearing preferences and connect hands free with their voice enabled smart devices. 

The month of January 2017 has been exceptionally busy for Nuheara, between CES, certification confirmation in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Canada and the United States, the approval of its IQbuds App in the App Store, and a litany of shipping and retail developments. Following the company's extraordinarily successful Indiegogo campaign - 1459% funded with a total of $792,706 USD total funds raised until June 4, 2016 - early backers are now receiving their IQbuds. In order to accomplish the successful project, Nuheara entered into a manufacturing agreement with electronics manufacturer, Flextronics to manufacture the IQbuds and related accessories. This has enabled Nuheara’s to promise shipping to the general public and retail partners in March 2017.

Nuheara was able to demonstrate its finished product at CES 2017, gaining media attention and market recognition in the emerging but already highly competitive "hearables" segment, where German company Bragi has been the pioneer. Nuheara has a research and development partnership with one of Australia’s leading audio digital signal processing research institutes – Curtin University, and its engineering team has extensive experience in commercializing sophisticated audio and hearing technology products. The core executive team and founders have all successfully worked together before in a previous hearing technology company, and Nuheara is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange which brings with it stringent financial disclosure regulations and filing processes.

“Our IQbuds have been tested on thousands of consumers who are delighted they can finally have solutions to hear what they want to hear – from great quality music to ‘pub deafness,’” says Justin Miller, CEO and co-founder of Nuheara. “We are extremely proud that we’re shipping on time, as promised, and less than twelve months after our first prototype and seven months from the conclusion of our initial crowdfunding campaign.”

IQbuds combine a range of unique features and an app that allows users to control how they hear the world around them and connect to their digital devices. Among the product's core features is the Advanced Speech Amplification, based on Nuheara’s SINC (Super Intelligent Noise Cancellation) technology, which enhances users’ ability to hear speech in noisy environments, such as crowded restaurants or events. This is not simply noise amplification. IQbuds allow users to "drown out" ambient noise while elevating speech above the noise for clearer conversations.

The user experience and level of environment control combines a range of optimized hearing experiences for different locations and situations. IQbuds' users can dynamically control the level of noise cancellation, while dynamically controlling the level of speech amplification (SINC) and manually adjusting the EQ frequency range. Users can also adjust the left and right ear to hear independently and adjust the volume in each ear to fit their own personal experience.

IQbuds also introduce real augmented hearing in a truly wireless earbud. Users can blend their digital streaming audio with their physical world to create a powerful blended audio experience and maintain situational awareness when desired. And while the truly wireless earbud category has been associated with average music quality, IQbuds deliver the high-end sound fidelity typical of high quality over-the-ear headsets.

Users are able to navigate between IQbuds features with simple tap touch control on the ear. This tap touch capability enables control of music, phone calls and the ability to orchestrate the listening experience, all without the need to touch a smartphone. And a simple-to-use App lets users customize the IQbuds experience and create their own usage profiles. The Nuheara app is both Apple iOS and Android compatible.

Nuheara also managed to achieve the best battery life currently available in a hearable device. A single charge of IQbuds provides 16 hours of on-the-go Bluetooth streaming and 32 hours of on-the-go hearing augmentation.

“Hearables have certainly drawn much attention to the category of wireless headsets. With Nuheara’s extension of Hearables into assistive audio, we now provide so many more opportunities to solve real problems for consumers than simply removing the wires,” says David Cannington, Co-founder of Nuheara.

Nuheara IQbuds retail for US $299.00.
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