Comply Foam Improves Hearable Experience with Truly Wireless Premium Foam Tips

December 7 2016, 03:00
Combining the freedom that wireless earbuds allow with the correct fit is a challenge that manufacturers recognize. To anticipate the expected demand, Hearing Components, the manufacturer of Comply products introduced its new Truly Wireless Premium Foam Tips, improving noise blocking, audio and comfort, compatible with The Dash and The Headphone by Bragi, Samsung Gear IconX, Jabra Elite Sport, Motorola VerveOne and other models.

Ahead of the market and already receiving rave reviews, Hearing Components’ Comply Foam Truly Wireless Premium Foam Tips feature precision-engineered fit, comfort and sound quality. The new Tw Series are designed for “truly wireless” earphones and devices, including The Headphone and The Dash from Bragi and are the world’s first solutions of its kind in the market for this emerging new segment.

“Technology enthusiasts want the freedom cordless earbuds bring without compromising sound quality or comfort – so that’s exactly what we researched, developed and delivered,” says Thad Olson, president of Hearing Components. “Already we’re hearing positive feedback from customers who are thrilled to get the best of both worlds in a truly wireless, high-tech fashion.”

Using proprietary memory foam technology, the Tw Series premium tips are body-heat activated to conform to the unique shape of a person’s ear canals. This dynamic, custom fit stays put, while sealing in all frequencies for a fuller sound.

Because the Truly Wireless Premium Foam Tips are designed to create a custom ear canal seal to block out outside noise and environmental distractions, wearers can enjoy music and phone calls without raising the volume to compensate for outside noise. With a perfect ear canal seal, Comply tips funnel pure sound directly into the ear, maximizing the listening experience and enhancing the bass.
Plus, the breathable memory foam provides all-day comfort by eliminating in-ear irritation and fatigue often associated with traditional silicone tips. They also are 30 times softer than traditional silicone tips.

The comfortable, snug fit also allows sensor contact with the ear for those hearables that feature fitness tracking and biometric devices, like heart-rate monitors, so fitness enthusiasts can benefit from cordless convenience, too, without holding back. Comply Foam plans to release a SweatGuard version to protect earphones from moisture damage in early 2017.
Comply Foam will feature the new Truly Wireless Premium Foam Tips along with its other audio accessory innovations at CES 2017 in Las Vegas.
Currently, Comply Foam Truly Wireless Premium Foam Tips are available online from and through In January 2017, the TW-Series will be available globally from authorized retailers.
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