MPEG-H 3D Audio Baseline Profile Now Supported by Analog Devices’ DSPs

October 20 2020, 00:30
Fraunhofer IIS announced that Analog Devices is offering certified decoder implementations supporting the new MPEG-H 3D Audio Baseline Profile on its ADSP-215xx series of audio digital signal processors (DSPs). Analog Devices's DSPs are used extensively for audio video receivers, soundbars, speakers and headphones. Adding MPEG-H 3D Audio Baseline Profile decoding capabilities to Analog Devices’ ADSP-215xx series of audio DSPs will bring immersive and personalized audio experiences to more consumers.

"In 2017, Analog Devices was the first company to offer an MPEG-H Audio decoder implementation for audio DSPs used in soundbars and audio video receivers (AVRs). Adding the MPEG-H 3D Audio Baseline Profile, with its optimized set of coding tools and broad consumer appeal, completes our next-generation audio features and addresses the latest market demands," says TVB Subrahmanyam, Strategic Marketing Manager, Analog Devices.

Tailored to the needs of next-generation broadcast, streaming, and high-quality immersive music delivery, the MPEG-H 3D Audio Baseline Profile is the ideal answer to industry requirements. It provides truly immersive experiences and unmatched advanced Next Generation Audio features including user interactivity and accessibility. As a subset of the existing MPEG-H 3D Audio Low Complexity Profile, it enables maximum interoperability with existing devices that have implemented that particular profile while significantly reducing the implementation and testing effort.

Analog Devices, a long-term licensee of the Fraunhofer MPEG-H Audio System Trademark Program, has also decided to test and certify its MPEG-H 3D Audio Baseline decoder implementations under the program. This will indicate to manufacturers that Analog Devices’ decoder implementation fulfills all mandatory requirements of Fraunhofer’s MPEG-H Audio System Trademark Program and therefore enables a reliable and streamlined integration process.

"The Analog Devices audio DSPs are a key component for making premium soundbars and audio video receivers and are used by many of the leading OEMs," says Bernhard Grill, Director of Fraunhofer IIS. "Analog Devices was among the first to support the MPEG-H 3D Audio format in products and we are very glad that our long-term partner is now also providing the industry with its MPEG-H 3D Audio Baseline Profile implementations."

MPEG-H Audio, substantially developed by Fraunhofer IIS, is the industry’s most advanced audio system for UHD-TV and streaming, widely deployed today in TV sets, premium soundbars and high-end smart speakers. It supports both immersive sound and the ability for users to adjust elements in the audio to their preferences. As the primary developer of the MPEG-H Audio standard, Fraunhofer offers MPEG-H software implementations for many popular CPU, SoC and DSP platforms. 

More information about the MPEG-H Trademark Program is available here:
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