Morel Hi-Fi Introduces Högtalare Wireless Home Speaker Modular Concept

March 28 2019, 00:50
Högtalare is the Swedish word for speaker and that was a deliberate choice since Sweden is the home-base for IKEA, the multinational company that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture. Yes, this new speaker concept comes from Tel-Aviv-based Morel Hi-Fi and, like IKEA's furniture is intended to offer the benefits of high-quality wireless sound for everyone, in a modular, affordable and creative way. The Högtalare is designed and manufactured by Morel and is now being promoted on Indiegogo.

Morel, is a company known for its high-end speaker designs and for being one of the most dynamic global OEM loudspeaker suppliers, with as extensive catalog of products for home audio, commercial and residential installation, automotive and professional audio. Its own Morel Hi-Fi division has already brought to the market many sophisticated and unique concepts, matching high-quality sound with great value. This heritage is directly at the roots of their new speaker system - Högtalare. An innovative wireless speaker, with true hi-fidelity sound, great design and an incredibly affordable price tag.

As Oren Mordechai, Morel's CEO explains, “Our goal was to create a true HiFi speaker first. We leveraged our years of experience and knowledge in acoustic design to create a speaker that sounds just right.” It is in fact a big wireless speaker in terms of the sound it generates, but it takes up minimal space. And at 33 cm (13") square, Högtalare also fits into any IKEA shelf unit (popular models like the Kallax \ Expedit), reducing its footprint to a minimum.

That design idea in itself, is at the core of the minimalist design of the Högtalare. To create a solution that not only could complement Ikea furniture in any home, that would also leverage that same fit to create a practical sound installation, in particular when two speakers are enclosed directly in the IKEA shelfs, as we can see in the promotional photos. Also, from the concept, Morel was excited to test again a crowdfunding platform to promote the Högtalare, as it has previously done successfully with the Nomadic Audio Speakase campaign, promoted on Indiegogo.

With that strategy defined, all that was left for the Morel team to actually perfect the concept, and no expenses were spared during development. Using reinforced MDF, two custom-made tweeters, a massive 6” double magnet woofer, fully dedicated amps, and a custom-built DSP, the Högtalare design is simultaneously an affordable speaker that delivers powerful, engaging and accurate sound, able to fill up any room in a single configuration or with two speakers paired in stereo mode.

For maximum resolution, Hogtalare is equipped with two 3/4" soft dome tweeters, custom-made to strict specifications to create a smooth and detailed sound. In mono mode, each tweeter plays one channel (left or right), creating a true stereo experience with a full and vivid soundstage, reinforced by a 6" double magnet woofer. Each one of the drivers (woofer and tweeters) have their own dedicated amplifiers (50 watts per channel) with custom-built DSP, and are specifically arranged to achieve their maximum resolution in relation to the cabinet and to one another. In fact, Hogtalare is able to reproduce frequencies from 36Hz to 20kHz.

And, like any speaker designed for modern living styles, Högtalare is also packed with all the features that are to be expected. Starting with wireless connectivity, with aptX support to ensure perfect sound quality while streaming via Bluetooth 4.2. On the back panel, users will find an AUX input and USB power outlet, so they can connect a turntable or Chromecast audio device, turning it into a WiFi speaker. And its Bluetooth TWS support allows users to also wirelessly pair two Högtalare units to create a full stereo system, as described.

The cabinet is made from a thick wood compound with internal bracing and reinforcement to provide phenomenal sonic performance and insulation. And Högtalare perfectly matches modern home environments, available with a choice of four modern grille colors. To improve resolution with the grill on, Morel added waveguides (horns) to the frame, right above the tweeters. An EVA ring was also added to further improve resolution.
Omri Gino, Morel's Product Designer proudly showed us the Högtalare prototype displayed at ISE 2019. An entire HiFi system in one box.

The Indiegogo campaign is now live and the project is already successfully funded to become a reality. A single Högtalare speaker is available for a Launch Special price of $140 USD /€124 EUR or $279 USD / €247 EUR for a pair (53% off the estimated retail price). The project is estimated to start shipping already in August 2019. No doubt, Högtalare could become a landmark product for Morel.
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