Mighty Announces Launch of Amazon Music for Mighty Vibe Streaming Music Players

January 2 2020, 01:10
The latest trend on digital audio players (DAPs) is now called SMP's, for streaming music players, or compact devices directly connected to specific streaming services, allowing users to listen to their music without having to tie up a smartphone, and not depend upon an Internet connection. After successfully launching its Mighty range of streaming music players with Spotify support, California-based Mighty Audio now announced the launch of Amazon Music as an additional option. Existing Mighty users can now add content from Amazon Music's library to any current or new Mighty Vibe player.

Looking like a cheap, plastic version of an iPod nano, the Mighty Vibe is in fact a sophisticated device that required a long effort to be developed, to be able to support everything that it promises to do, in a light, affordable and very compact design. The Mighty can be in fact a very useful proposition for millions of users who like to listen to their music while offline, and prefer the convenience of an easy-to-hide player that carries all their albums and playlists needed during a visit to the gym, while running, or simply commuting to work. 

The Mighty still needs a smartphone app to connect to the streaming service, authorize the account, and download music to the player. But after that, the smartphone can stay at home. Mighty is one of the first portable products that allows users of streaming music services to take Spotify or Amazon Music offline without a phone or Internet connection. Once playlists and albums are downloaded onto the Mighty player from the companion mobile app, the content can be played anywhere. And it works with (almost all) Bluetooth or wired headphones.

"Compatibility with Amazon Music is a major milestone in our strategy to create the first platform for taking streaming music on-the-go without a phone, screen, or Internet connection," says Mighty Founder and CEO Anthony Mendelson. "The addition of the popular streaming music service makes Mighty an attractive solution for Amazon Music users who want to enjoy their music on-the-go and without a phone."

With Amazon Music, Prime members have access to two million curated songs and thousands of playlists and stations at no additional cost to their membership, and access to more than 50 million songs and thousands of playlists and stations with Amazon Music Unlimited, the premium subscription tier. The integration was launched globally on December 12 to all iOS users and will be made available through a mobile app software update. The integration will be launched to Android users in early January.

The lightweight and durable Mighty Vibe player is screenless, controlled using physical buttons, holds more than 1,000 songs, and is drop and water resistant. The player is currently for sale for $79.99 on the company's website, bemighty.com, and is available on Amazon.com and Amazon global marketplaces.
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