Leading Audio Development Company Archwave Is Now Hiring

December 7 2016, 07:00
Swiss audio technology company Archwave is one of the leading forces in cutting-edge standards-based technologies for audio development. With a remarkable history and key development platforms for digital audio interfaces, audio streaming, and networking adopted by an increasing number of manufacturers, Archwave’s momentum couldn’t be greater. The company is now recruiting to foster its next growth phase.

Archwave is changing the professional audio industry, enabling manufacturers to incorporate the latest audio networking and control technology into their products. The company uses open standards-based technologies to provide solutions that will stand the test of time and ensure compatibility for many years. With Archwave’s technology, manufacturers are able to upgrade their next-generation products and give users the features they need for the next generation of audio networking and control. Archwave’s key difference is its understanding that products need an integrated platform for Audio Networking and Control. Archwave’s hardware enables manufacturers to equip their products with the ability to stream multi-channel audio as well as the capability to remote control devices across the network with a single unified solution.
The AoIP Revolution Is Just Starting
Anyone who follows the industry’s transition to audio-over-IP (AoIP) knows things are just beginning and with new interoperability standards now in place, they are getting interesting. Archwave has been at the forefront of all those efforts, working with the Media Networking Alliance promoting the AES67 standard and the Open Control Architecture (OCA) Alliance promoting AES70, as well as being a pioneer implementer of the RAVENNA audio networking Layer 3 protocol and AES67, enabling products using different audio networking protocols to pass audio to each other.
Archwave was a pioneer in audio streaming technologies and its own CopperLan powerful networking framework for developers of Musical Instruments, Pro-Audio, Broadcast, and Show control, often referred to as the “networked MIDI 3.0 on steroids.” Archwave was also instrumental in providing the first public demonstrations of AES67 and AES70 integration and interoperability with Dante devices.
MIDI, USB, and the Future
Even after all these years MIDI is still extensively used by musicians worldwide. MIDI enables artists to send notes and other data between digital musical instruments. Archwave control solutions enable this data to be shared among devices.
The world of audio still uses USB as a cost-effective and accessible means of connectivity. Archwave’s hardware can act as a USB audio host, bridge, or device for streaming up to 32×32 channels of uncompressed audio, up to 32 channels of direct-to-USB storage recording, or up to eight channels of USB-to-network bridging.
In addition to providing standard development modules, Archwave strives to be a strategic partner helping other companies design great products. Developing products with Archwave technology is cost-effective and requires less work to implement a solution, with hardware and software hooks that enable remote control in a simple way. Archwave also provides manufacturers with full development services, project customization, and tailor-made solutions.

Archwave is Now Hiring!
Field application specialists (EU and US)
Sales representatives (non-captive) (EU and US)
Inside sales (CH)
Open applications
Candidates are encouraged to apply to the existing positions as well as submit open applications. Simply follow the link to see more details on existing vacancies: www.archwave.net/careers/
Or email your CV and Cover Letter. Please include the job title for which you are applying in the subject heading.
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