Streaming Audio over Ethernet from Microphones to Loudspeakers Anyone?

September 1 2015, 04:00

At the 2015 IBC show in Amsterdam (11-15 September), Archwave Technologies will be introducing its new uNET MINI module which  delivers AES67/Ravenna for end-point applications. The new solution is a complete low-cost sub-system for 2-channel applications such as networked loudspeakers or microphones, over Ethernet cable.

Archwave Technologies announced stock availability of the latest module in its AudioLan product family of modules for streaming audio over AES67/Ravenna networks. Archwave AudioLan is a completely integrated hardware & software package for professional grade audio thru an AES67 compliant network. So far, the Swiss company focused on multichannel (16, 32 and 64x64) development platforms on its uNET series.

The uNET MINI module is a complete low-cost sub-system which enables the easy addition of audio streaming over Ethernet to professional audio and broadcast equipment. Designed for end-point applications such as networked loudspeakers or microphones, it accepts 2 digital audio streams in I2S format and converts these to the AES67/Ravenna standard for streaming over Ethernet cable.

The module includes the Ethernet PHY and also has a number of I/O signals for control, including an SPI-bus interface, 2 UARTs (for MIDI) and 8 GPIOs. It supports sample rates of 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz and 96kHz and has a small form-factor of 40mm x 44mm. For ease of set-up it also in-corporates Archwave’s uLink technology which uses a simple button and combination of LEDs to set-up or confirm connection to other devices in the network.

As well as the uNET MINI module, Archwave can supply the uNET MINI Evaluation Kit which comprises two uNET MINI modules plus two uNET MINI Base Boards. The uNET MINI Base Board has been designed to demonstrate the capabilities of the uNET MINI module. It provides a complete evaluation system for Ravenna-compliant audio streaming over AES67 Ethernet, with optional CopperLan support. It has a connector for mounting the uNET MINI module and includes the Ethernet transformer plus RJ45 connector, 2 unbalanced analogue inputs, 2 unbalanced analogue outputs, a MIDI input and output, an RS-232 debug port, a push-button rotary encoder and various buttons and LEDs for manual set-up and control.

Like the existing uNET COMPACT (16 audio channels) and uNET STANDARD (32 audio channels) modules, the uNET MINI can be set-up and controlled by web browser using Archwave’s intuitive user interface. The modules all make use of Archwave’s uConnect software which is based on the CopperLan network protocol to further simplify set-up.

Archwave will be demonstrating the uNET MINI module together with its larger modules on the RAVENNA booth (stand 8F58 at the entrance to Hall 8) at IBC 2015.
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